Why is employee experience important and How to invest in in employee experience

Understand the importance of your employee’s experience

To understand the importance of this experience, you need to understand what it means. The employee experience, or Employee Experience , is the vision that a worker has about their entire journey in the company. This journey starts with the selection process, goes through hiring and continues until dismissal, and all the opinions, perceptions and experiences that the worker has during this period form his view of his company. It is the employee’s relationship with the organization, viewed broadly, and taking into account all interactions and points of contact.

We saw that companies are increasingly looking to offer a good experience to their customers, but for that, the work must start much earlier. It is necessary to work constantly to maintain a positive image of your organization and contrary to what many companies believe, it starts with your employees. The employee’s experience is capable of influencing the entire organizational climate and especially the image that the company wants to convey.

In addition, the millennial generation seeks much more than good salaries, they are more linked to quality of life and, therefore, they mainly value having a good manager and a good work environment. Today they represent 30% of the world’s population and by 2025 they will be 70% of the global workforce. Therefore, it is important to offer a good experience to your employees, in this way you can count on people who are  engaged and motivated to perform their role more efficiently.

Invest in your employee’s experience, offer flexibility, autonomy and a friendly environment. This is critical to ensuring your company’s success. In this way, employees are more productive and motivated and have higher quality in the work they do. In addition, a good experience reduces your company’s turnover ( turnover ), improves the organizational climate and consequently improves the relationship with the customer.

How to invest in employee experience

As we have seen, the employee’s experience is essential for the company’s growth, it is linked to the experience that your customer will have. Factors such as working conditions, team integration and relationship with managers greatly influence the employee’s view of the company. And the greater the employee’s satisfaction, the better the company’s image will be, and this directly affects the performance of your business.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some tips that your company can adopt to start improving your employee’s experience:

Map your employee’s journey

Just like a customer, an employee has a goal and expects the company to help him achieve it. And building the map of this journey is fundamental to offering good experiences. As we have seen, the employee’s experience is built from hiring the professional to an eventual dismissal, so it is important to consider all the steps. With a well-planned journey, you are able to define the best strategies to improve your employee’s experience.

Know your employees

Another important strategy to achieve a good experience is to get to know each employee in depth and understand their needs. Performance appraisals and feedbacks are tools that can help your company discover the personal and professional aspirations of employees. This way, you are able to get to know them better and can offer what they want.

Listen to what your professionals have to say

It is essential to improve the employee experience to have a space where employees can speak, suggest and discuss ideas, a space where they have a voice and are genuinely heard. Employees feel valued and happier when their opinions are heard and considered, which is why listening to them is a great strategy.

Invest in the development of your employees

To maintain your employees’ satisfaction, it is important that they are motivated to perform their duties. Therefore, another strategy to follow is to encourage your employees to progress personally and professionally. It is also interesting to offer work opportunities in which he can acquire new knowledge. This way, you guarantee the happiness of your collaborator and improve his performance. 

Build a good organizational climate:

The organizational climate is the main strategy to achieve a good experience for your employee. This is a fundamental factor, because the better the organizational climate, the greater the professional’s satisfaction, and thus their performance is also better. It is important that employees feel comfortable in their work environment to be able to better focus on their functions.

We know that the customer experience is crucial in any company’s business and that is why it is the focus of attention of most organizations today. But as we have seen, the employee’s experience has its importance and is directly related to the experience that the final consumer will have. That’s because your employee’s experience directly reflects on the performance that your company will have.

So, in addition to focusing only on the customer experience, it’s important to invest in the experience of your employees as well. With this, you can have more motivated and efficient employees, and thus, your products and services will be made with quality and your customers will be satisfied. For this reason, the Employee Experience has gained increasing prominence in the market. So don’t waste time and use the tips we’ve given you to adopt this practice and ensure the success of your business.

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