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Taking of Zacatecas (1914)

The taking of the popular city of Zacatecas is known as one of the bloodiest episodes in Mexican history. In it, people from the same nation, but defending different ideals, clashed . Taking of Zacatecas

Many were the dead, but nothing compares to the loss of stability that until now reigned in the city and that was never recovered. The marked differences were resolved in a single day, but their traces were perpetuated into the future of the nation.

What was the capture of Zacatecas?

In this way, the civil confrontation between the northern division and the federal army that took place in the Zacatecas region on June 23, 1914 was called . During this combat, more than 7,000 people lost their lives and some 3,000 soldiers were taken prisoner. On the other hand, this conflict became part of what is known as the Mexican Revolution, this chapter being one of the most cruel of it. Taking of Zacatecas

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Causes of the capture of Zacatecas

  • The city of Zacatecas was very attractive for the production of minerals such as silver . In addition, the railroads of the country passed through the entire metropolis. For these reasons there was a failed attempt by the federal army to besiege it.
  • The poverty and neglect that Mexico faced during the dictatorship of Victoriano Huerta and that led to an uprising of opposition against his government measures.
  • The insurrection of Felipe Ángeles and Pancho Villa against the government . It is noteworthy that the taking of the city of Zacatecas practically meant the conquest of Mexico, since this was considered completely in favor of the dictatorship reigning in the country at that time.

Characteristics of the Zacatecas capture

  • The taking of Zacatecas was a conflict in which heavy artillery was used . In addition, the revolutionary side had two factions. One with weapons that could be maneuvered from a distance, while the other had foot and horse soldiers.
  • The bloodshed during the conflict was extensive. Casualties on both sides amounted to more than thousands .
  • It was a definite conflict. Only hours passed to define the victory of the Northerners’ side over the Federalists . Taking of Zacatecas

Events of the capture of Zacatecas

A week before the taking of Zacatecas was made, a good number of weapons had been mobilized by train . At the hands of Felipe Ángeles, four days before the battle, cavalry and infantry units had already been stationed in the direction of the city in positions south, north and east, ready to proceed with the attack on the city.

The forces that were measured during the battle were 25,000, by the northern rebels against a federal front of 12,500 soldiers. On June 23 at 10 in the morning the war began . In the case of the army led by Ángeles, they had placed heavy artillery teams in strategic places whose objective was to attack the federal army imminently.

While Angeles’s weapons detonated, the part of the army led by Pancho Villa advanced, causing the federals to retreat . An interesting detail during the confrontation is that there was a moment in which both leaders of the Villa and Ángeles revolution met to observe the battle. A few steps from their location, a grenade exploded. This explosion brought the death of several of its soldiers. However, the outburst had been a mistake by one of their own. Then, and to strengthen the iron attitude of his men, Ángeles spoke a series of words of encouragement that reinforced the courage of the fighters.

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By late afternoon, the city was taken from various points and as for those belonging to the enemy army, they had begun to flee without any kind of order. However, hundreds of Federalists were left in the middle of the fire and bullets for which they lost their lives. Taking of Zacatecas

Consequences of the taking of Zacatecas

As a result of the capture of Zacatecas, the following incidents occurred that affected the past, present and future of Mexico:

  • Complete dissolution of the federal front . Due to the losses they suffered during the capture of Zacatecas, this army did not recover again.
  • The perpetual damage to the railroad tracks . When fleeing, part of the federals used dynamite to prevent the soldiers commanded by Villa and Ángeles from continuing to advance.
  • Serious problems in people’s health . Because most of the city was left destitute and therefore limited, basic health cases could not be cared for, so diseases proliferated, leading to more deaths and ruin .
  • After the battle, there was famine in the city, as the northern army wiped out the seeds and grains for cultivation . Taking of Zacatecas

Characters of the capture of Zacatecas

During this conflict that undoubtedly marked Mexican history, the following characters came to life:

  • José Doroteo Arango Arámbula : Better known by his nickname as Pancho Villa . His actions were essential to obtain victory against the army of dictator Victoriano Huerta. During the years 1913 and 1914 he served as governor of Chihuahua . Due to his important role in history, many places in Mexico have been decorated with his name. He concluded his military career in 1920. When he wanted to return to the political sphere of his country in 1923, he was assassinated.
  • Felipe de Jesús Ángeles Ramírez : Born on June 13, 1868, he served as a military and politician. He actively and loyally supported the revolutionary actions of Pancho Villa . He developed military skills, which allowed him to command the artillery of the northern rebels. After some defeats suffered, he fled to the United States. Although he was far from his country, he was a supporter of the causes that were in favor of liberation movements.
  • Benjamín Argumedo: He was Francisco Villa’s counterpart, he was a reckless military man who was a fundamental piece of the federal front . However, on multiple occasions he had to suffer defeat on the part of the northern front. He received injuries during different battles and for March 1916 the maximum death penalty was imposed in Durango. Taking of Zacatecas

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