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Personal references example/definition/Elements/Recommendations

Whether it’s looking for a new job, applying to college, or applying for a bank loan, sometimes we have to prove that we are trustworthy, kind, hard-working, efficient, and valuable people. To achieve this we use personal reference letters, private documents where a person who trusts us and who can attest to our skills and attitudes recommends us to our future employer or application analyst. Personal references example

Below you will find several examples for personal reference , giving a few guidelines on how to do them and see which elements are the ones that cannot be missing in these documents.

What is a personal reference text?

A personal reference is a private document in which someone (referrer) indicates that they know another person (referenced) to attest to their excellent behavior . The objective of this is that the referenced person can obtain some benefit having demonstrated through another person that he deserves what is requested. These types of documents are frequently supplied by applicants to receive a loan, a job or a university place.

The personal references are usually delivered together with the curriculum vitaes and, also, in the letters of recommendation, which can be considered as a modality of this type of document. As they can be done in so many ways, throughout this article we are going to see a few examples for personal reference, along with what elements make them up and some tips when making them .

Elements of a personal reference

Before talking about a few examples of personal reference, first we are going to comment on what are the fundamental data that should not be missing in this type of document.

Referrer’s Data

  • Full name of the person making the referral.
  • Identity document number (DNI, passport …).
  • Address of your home and address of previous work.
  • Telephone numbers and email.

Reference Data

Full name of the person to whom the referral is being made. ID number. Address of the domicile of the referenced person. How long the professional relationship lasted. Type of relationship they currently have, if any. Jobs in which the referenced person has performed, if necessary. Personality characteristics of the referenced. Personal references example

Recommendations for making a personal reference

The first advice we can give is that it is very important to think about who is going to be placed in the reference as a reference . It is preferable that we recommend a person who expresses himself well and knows us well enough.

It should also be an easy person to locate, putting those phone numbers that we know that will allow us to contact the person in question in two calls maximum. The reason for this is that analysts, human resources workers, and others usually call a total of two times to contact the person in charge of verifying the references .

The order in which the contact numbers should be placed is:

  • First: your company number.
  • Second: The work and home phone number.
  • Last: The mobile phone number.

Although the social status of the person who is placed as a reference is not something of great importance, it is true that it adds a certain value. However, we must know how to choose very well that former superior that we want him to refer us , since it is likely that the higher his position, the more occupied he will be. For example, the president of our old company is a poor choice because he is likely to be difficult to get in touch with.

It is recommended that the employment relationship we had with the referring person is not less than five years, and among the most appropriate we have: Personal references example

  • Mentors
  • Colleagues
  • Former bosses
  • Teachers

Nor is it advisable to place people who have a very wide circle of friends , so much so that they do not even remember us or confuse us with another former co-worker. It may happen that, when talking to our potential future boss or the human resources person, the referring person doubts whether or not they know us.

It is essential to check that the reference contains all the legal data of the person making the document and the legal data of the person referred to. We must not forget to add a copy of the identification document of both people, with the signature of both. In case it is issued by a company, it must be made with letterhead and contain the legal seal and watermark of the company.

Finally, it is essential to monitor what we publish on the Internet , since our fingerprint is itself part of our personal reference, despite being accidental. In the times when everyone uses social networks, any coach who is appreciated does not hesitate to put our name in their search engine to learn more about us and contrast some data. For this reason, it is essential to take care of our online reputation so that it does not contradict the information that appears in the personal references that have been presented.

10 examples of personal references (with their parts and structure)

Here are a few generic examples of personal references, adaptable to almost any situation.

Example 1. Generic example

To whom it May concern,

XXXXX (name of the person referring), of legal age, of nationality xxxx, holder of DNI N ° XXXXXX and resident in xxxxx, I attest that I know by sight, treatment and communication to XXXXXX of nationality XXXXXXX, and holder of the document Identity No. xxxxxxx.

Also, I declare that during the years of treatment, XXX has proven to be a responsible, honest, kind and, most importantly, efficient worker .

Reference issued at the request of the interested party on the 99th day of the month of XXXX of the year 9999.

XXXXXX (Signature).

Identity document N ° XXXXX

Phones: Work: 123456789 Home: 123456789 Mobile: 123456789

Example 2. For bus driver

To whom it May concern,

I, XXXXX, manager of the XXXXXXX bus company, have known XXXXX for 5 years .

He was a driver for part of my bus fleet during the 5 years he worked for us, standing out as a very punctual worker, respectful and, most importantly, prudent. Personal references example

XXXXXX cared about keeping the bus clean, going to the mechanic frequently to make sure the vehicle was in top condition, even when it didn’t seem like it was needed.

His treatment with his colleagues and transport users was excellent , being highly valued by other bus drivers and much loved by travelers, especially those who used the bus every day to go to work or to class.

Although it was a shame when we learned that he was leaving the company for personal reasons, we are happy to know that he continues to work in the same way given his excellent performance and vocation.

If you require more information, you can contact me to dispense any additional information that you consider appropriate.



DNI 12345678A

Phones: 123456789

Example 3. Generic example

Dear Mrs. XXXXX:

I am writing to formally recommend XXXX XXXXX for a job in the municipality of XXXXXXX.

I know XXXXX from having worked in my team and, based on my experience with him, I know that he is the ideal candidate for the XXXXX position in your city council. Has leadership skills, teamwork, initiative, and creativity.

For any questionsdo not hesitate to call me .

To be honest,


DNI: 12345678A

Phones: 123456789


Example 4. Generic example


I am writing this reference in support of XXXXXXX.

XXXXXX was my roommate when we were going to college and we have been very good friends ever since. It has been about 10 years since then and in this time I have discovered in XXXXX a kind, friendly but also intelligent and talented person . Personal references example

XXXXXX stood out in class since it was participatory, showing a great interest in learning and understanding in depth what was discussed in them. It has been these characteristics that have made XXXXX a worker like no other.

He is also a very sociable person, since XXXX has a special ability to establish and preserve strong and lasting relationships which makes him the perfect candidate for that management .

I highly recommend XXXXX because it is sure to be a very good acquisition for your organization.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

To be honest,


DNI: 12345678A

Phones: 123456789


Example 5. For a position at the University

To whom it May concern,

XXXXX, as a professor of Statistics at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of XXXXXX, I can assure you that XXXXX, while he was completing the course of his studies, was a very responsible student , skilled in the most complicated statistical calculations and highly motivated to carry them out.

The works he gave me, both group and individual, were always delivered on time and I ended up scoring excellent. I was surprised myself as a teacher, since XXXXX looked for information in all kinds of sources and poured very interesting approaches in their work.

His behavior as a student was also excellent , always arriving on time and fulfilling his commitments, aspects that make him a very valuable person for any work team. Personal references example

I am available to give more information if necessary.


Identity document N ° 123456789A

Faculty of Mathematics

University XXXXXX

Phones: 12345678

Example 6. For a geriatric center

Messrs. XXXXX

I worked for several years with XXXX in the XXXXX company and I can assure you that he is a person with a vocation, responsible and committed, who has always treated the elderly very well. He took great care in all kinds of details and always made sure that the inmates were as satisfied as possible.

During his stay in our center, he contributed to several projects to improve the mental and physical health of our users , promoting activities so that they were more active and happy during their stay in the nursing home.

If you need to know more, I am available through the following means:


DNI: 12345678A

Phones: 123456789


Example 7. Position in an educational center

To whom it May concern,

I am pleased to say that I have known XXXX XXXXX in a variety of capacities for several years . She has been my daughter’s Physics and Chemistry instructor for years. In addition, she has been a partner of mine in a small company in charge of administration and finance, drawing on her extensive knowledge in mathematics and arithmetic.

XXXX XXXXX is efficient, punctual and smart . Sometimes you get so focused on your work that you forget about the break and finish the job before the scheduled date, making it very efficient.

XXXXX has an excellent interpersonal relationship, as well as ease with teaching. Her excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) mean she can connect with all kinds of people and inspire them to do their best.

In summary, I recommend XXXXX for the administrative position to which you are aspiring , since it is going to be a very valuable asset for any organization that hires it.

If you need it, I am available to clarify any questions you need to solve.

To be honest,


DNI 12345678A

Phones: 123456789


Example 8. For position in gym

To whom it May concern,

I, XXXXX XXXXX, of XXXXXX nationality, of legal age and holder of identity document N ° 12345678A, affirm that I have known XXXXX XXXX, for more than 5 years. Personal references example

During his time at my gym he managed to train many of our clients in a very satisfactory way , who not only came for his great gifts as a personal trainer but also as a friendly and warm worker. It was a real shame when she had to leave our gym due to having to move to another city.

Given the good relationship we had with him and the fact that our gym received many more new users, I am happy to give good references of him to help many more people achieve their sporting goals .

I remain available for further information.

Kind regards,


Identity document N ° 12345678A

Phones: 123456789


Example 9. For an editor in a magazine

I, XXXXX XXXXX, with ID 12345678A, director of the magazine on medicine and health XXXXXXX, I am writing to you to inform you of the skills and attitudes of my former colleague in writing, XXXXX XXXXX.

XXXX XXXXX was an excellent writer, punctual in his daily deliveries and who always showed great interest in doing a well-documented job , making our magazine publish high-quality articles on a daily basis.

It was a shame when he decided to change the field, choosing to dedicate himself to nutrition and sports, the two aspects in which he had been trained and that, when he wrote articles that were related to them, he showed a great mastery and knowledge about the sciences of the sport.

He is a hard worker, a great person and a very perfectionist, capable of dedicating many hours to each of the posts to make sure not a single comma is missing. I consider him to be a very valuable person for any magazine.

I remain available for further information.

Kind regards,


Identity document N ° 12345678A

Phones: 123456789


Example 10. For a mortgage guarantee

To the distinguished director of the bank XXXXX XXXXX,

I, XXXXX XXXXXXX, with NIF 12345678A, am writing to you in my capacity as guarantor of XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX with reference to the issue of the mortgage loan .

I would like to express to you through this document my commitment to financially guarantee XXXXXXXXX so that the loan can be granted by your entity.

I confirm that the person interested in receiving the mortgage guarantee is a responsible person, with a decent job and a fixed salarywith plenty of capacity to repay the loan as soon as possible .

In addition, you have my full commitment to face the return in case, for whatever reason and force majeure insurance, XXXX XXXXXX could not meet the monthly payments of the loan.

I am at your disposal to provide more information about XXXXXXX XXXXXXX

A cordial greeting.

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