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What is an academic panel/How to make an academic panel/importance

What is an academic panel?

The panel is a way of presenting the results of scientific research on a specific topic . academic panel

As the name implies, the presentation of the results is in the form of a panel or a poster, in which there is a graphic preparation of the work.

The academic panel is used for the presentation of papers at scientific events or as a subject work at the undergraduate or graduate level .

How to make an academic panel?

Well, developing a dashboard involves two general steps: the content part of the job and the aesthetics and formatting part.

Let’s explain about each of them.

Academic panel content

In general, the content of the panel should comprise the main points of your article:

  1. the job title
  2. Name of the writer and the educational institution
  3. Contact email academic panel
  4. Key words
  5. General presentation of the theme: theme, delimitation of the object of study, hypothesis and research problem
  6. Delimitation of work objectives
  7. Presentation of the scientific research methodology
  8. Summary of presentation and analysis of results
  9. Final conclusions of the work
  10. Bibliographic references of the research sources used

However, keep in mind that you should not copy and paste every article. After all, all your content should fit in a banner.

Then, present all these points in a summarized way, privileging all the information that is really relevant to the understanding of the work as a whole.

Aesthetic part of the panel

The aesthetic part of the academic panel must take into account some important points.

Here are the main ones:

Check the formatting rules in the event notice

Well, that’s the first step. Many academic events already establish a formatting standard in the public notice.

The standard must include the size of the panel, the size and font of the letters, the background color, the spaces for the images, the institution’s logos, in short. academic panel

And there’s no way. You must follow these rules completely.

In fact, formatting is often one of the panel’s acceptance criteria for presentation at the event.

Pay attention to the readability of the text

If the organization of the event does not provide the standard formatting and aesthetics of the poster, you must create your own.

So, ideally, it is possible to read the texts 1.5m away from the banner.

So, use background colors, preferably in light tones to contrast with dark font colors.

Fonts should be an ideal size and should be clear and pleasant to read. academic panel

Pay attention to the images

Images should also be easily visible. Pay attention to their size and resolution.

Keep in mind that the print will be in a large size. That is: in this case, low resolution images should not work.

Images must have components that you can see from a distance.

Normally, it is established that the images must occupy, at most, 50% of the total space.

Distribute text in columns

Columns make the texts easier to read. So it’s better to arrange the content in columns rather than rows.

How does the academic panel presentation work?

In general, the panels are available in a room and the people who made them are to the side, to explain to visitors.

In some cases, there is a scheduled time for the presentation of each panel. In this case, there is an auditorium structure and panelists present their work to an audience. academic panel

Usually, at the end of the presentation, there is space for discussions and questions.

Why is it important to present an academic panel?

The presentation of works through panels at academic events serves to discuss and present the news on a topic.

So they bring together a large number of researchers , teachers and students to disseminate, discuss and share ideas on the topic.

Let’s list the main benefits. I’m sure at the end you’ll want to present a panel at some event:

Enrich the Lattes Curriculum

The presentation of panels generates a certificate of presentation and participation in the academic event.

Certificates help to enhance the Lattes Curriculum and can be important factors in distinguishing students.

Get news and important points about the topic

An academic event is always a great place to find out about what’s happening around that topic, who are the people who are researching and writing about it, and what the latest findings are. academic panel

This is very important, especially in the face of so much content and information that we receive. If we were to search the topic on Google Scholar , for example, it is possible that the result will offer trillions of different works.

So, events are important to filter information and direct the gaze to what is most important in scientific research.

Favor communication between researchers

Furthermore, the presentation of panels promotes dialogues and discussions. This greatly favors communication.

In other words, they help to develop networking and give the opportunity to talk about specific areas.

Even because, it is possible that the event brings together all people who are interested in the topic, but who develop research in different places, to talk about that specific subject.

Develop new scientific knowledge

And as if that were not enough, the results of the panels can undoubtedly bring important conclusions on the themes and generate new ideas to continue the research. academic panel

So, it is an important way to develop scientific knowledge and advance in science .

Direct career to specialty

The events also help students to direct their careers towards a specialty, with more specialized sectors in their area.

If you suspect that you will enjoy working in an area, you can participate in a specific event on the subject and find out how it is applied in practice, what is new, and how research on the subject is developed.

This can help you to define the area you want to pursue within the course.

For example, if you are studying Law and are interested in Labor Law, you can participate in a colloquium and get in touch with the latest research on this subject.

So, you can find out if it is an area that you want to continue studying and specializing or not.

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