How many countries are in NATO objectives and functions


North Atlantic Treaty Organization, originated on April 4, 1949 under the Washington Treaty. In this article we will let you know How many countries are in NATO?

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization , which originated on April 4, 1949 under the Washington Treaty.

This alliance proposes to defend any country that was attacked by a power external to NATO , thus becoming an international organization in charge of political and military aspects .

Its foundation was promoted by the United States during the Cold War , with the aim of increasing its military power in the face of the imminent threat of the Soviet Union and its socialist allies. Faced with this treaty, the Soviet Union decided to form the Warsaw Pact .

NATO currently has 29 collaborating members and its headquarters, today, is in Brussels, Belgium. 

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Objectives and functions of NATO

Since its inception it was created with the aim of forming an alliance that would defend the powers that form it ; In other words, NATO represents an arms treaty for economic, military and political cooperation and protection .

Today, this organization continues to guarantee its countries the opportunity to apply some expansionary policies. It usually takes over some natural and even human resources for this purpose, with the intention that the member countries have the necessary and sufficient resources to increase profits, continue to trade and benefit from invaded countries .

NATO members

Over time, this organization changed its participants. Among them we can divide the following groups:

Founding members of NATO

Since the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949, or what is also called the Washington Treaty, NATO began to monopolize members, and its main operators were the following :

Belgium Norway Canada
Netherlands Denmark Portugal
USA Iceland France
Luxembourg UK Italy

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Current NATO members

After the origin in 1949, the organization added other members from 1952 until the last incorporation, in 2017, of the country Montenegro.

Today, there are 29 participating members of NATO:

Albania Germany Belgium
Bulgaria Canada Czech Republic
Croatia Denmark USA
Estonia Slovakia Spain
France Greece Hungary
Iceland Italy Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Montenegro
Norway Netherlands Poland
Portugal UK Romania
Turkey Slovenia

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