Neurotrophins used for How to increase and attention disorders

What are neurotrophins

The brain is the most important organ in the human body, as it performs the most important functions so that all vital processes can take place. Although the brain is generally related to the area of ​​thought, it is certain that its usefulness is not limited to just that. All movements, both voluntary and involuntary, are commanded by this organ, as well as speech and the production of transcendental chemical substances for the proper functioning of the body. For this reason, if an error occurs in its performance, unfavorable consequences may occur. In this article we will provide you the information about neurotrophins.

There are some components that allow neuronal connections to develop in a smooth way.

More about neurotrophins

These are a group of chemicals that help regulate neurons in the nervous system. In turn, these components can be identified within a precise group of proteins that enable neuronal growth, development and survival.

On the other hand, neurotrophins also participate in the process of cell death, as this is how their regeneration takes place. It is important to understand that the human body has millions of cells, some of which can survive longer than others.

What are neurotrophins used for?

Knowing the specific functions of neurotrophins will allow us to better understand the functioning of the human body. Below, we explain what they are:

cell growth

These interfere with the growth processes of cells that make up the central nervous system. On the other hand, they also collaborate in their survival and in the generation of spaces within the organism. It should be noted that many cells die throughout our life and there would be no room for the birth of others if it weren’t for the work of neurotrophins.

cell division

Another of the functions of neurotrophins is to carry out the separation and/or division of cells belonging to both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

How to increase neurotrophins

How to generate neurotrophins? Due to the importance of these chemicals and the complexities that can arise if they are not developed properly, it is important to consider how to increase them. Below, we explain some ways to increase neurotrophins:

Healthy eating

To avoid a deterioration in the functioning of neurotrophins, it is important to consume healthy foods such as fish, nuts, whole grains, vegetables and olive oil, among others. However, the regulation of each food should be supervised by a health professional specialized in nutrition.

These foods not only decrease the chances of degenerative diseases, but also increase the production of neurotrophins.

Physical exercise

From research-based studies it has been proven that the increase in neurotrophins is related to physical exercise. This fact is directly related to the activation of electrical signals that cause a better performance of these chemical substances.

Control of specific motor and cognitive skills

There are activities that can favor the production of neurotrophins, such as using parts of the human body that are not dominant for the person. In turn, the development of cognitive activities that involve the area of ​​thinking such as reading books or learning new hobbies can also increase the number of neurotrophins.

Relationship of neurotrophins with attention disorders

Even though this area of ​​study is still under development, some research has determined that there may be a relationship between neurotrophins and attention disorders . This hypothesis is based on having observed a decrease in the production of these chemical substances in areas of the central nervous system linked to the attentional processes of human beings.

It is necessary to take into account other factors when making a diagnosis linked to an attention disorder, the genetic predisposition and the functioning of the organism have a clear influence on the way of processing information of the human being.

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