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Much and many examples in English

Much and many

Much and many are quantifiers . Much means too much or too much and many means too many or too many. In this article we will give you the examples of much and many in English.

Quantifiers are words used to refer to the quantity of something.

To know when to use many and much , we need to check whether the noun the quantifier refers to is countable or uncountable . That’s because many is used with countable and much , with countless .

Countable and uncountable nouns

countable noun has a singular and a plural form, while an uncountable noun has only a singular form.

The word “information“, for example, is countless in English.

We can say in English “ I need two pieces of information.

Whenever we want to express a certain amount of a word that is countless in English, it needs to be accompanied by some complement (in the case of information , we use piece of ).

Look at the image below and see which complement is used with each noun.

  • A bottle of milk .
  • A glass of water
  • A jug of water
  • A cup of tea. 
  • A packet of tea. 
  • A jar of honey. 
  • A loaf of bread. 
  • A slice of bread .
  • A carton of milk. 
  • A can of Coke. 
  • A bottle of Coke. 
  • A bowl of sugar. 
  • A kilo of meat. 
  • A bar of soap. 
  • A bar of chocolate. 
  • A piece of chocolate. 
  • A piece of cheese. 
  • A piece of furniture .

When to use many and much

Check out the explanation below, know when to use many and much and understand the difference between the two forms. Much and many:  in with

Use of many examples in English

The word many is used with countable nouns and means a lot, a lot, a lot or a lot.

Examples :

  • They bought many bottles of soft drink for the party .
  • There are many kids playing in the yard .
  • Many students prefer to study in the morning. 

IMPORTANT : the noun used after the word many must always be inflected in the plural.

How many

To ask for the quantity of something countable, we must use the expression how many , which means how many, how many.

Examples :

  • How many days did you spend in LA? 
  • How many times a year do you go to Brazil? 
  • How many people will you invite for the party? 

Use of much examples in English

The word much is used with countless nouns and means a lot or a lot.

Examples :

  • She put much water in the jar. 
  • He drinks a lot of coffee when he’s working .
  • I don’t have much money

IMPORTANT : the noun used after the word much must always be in the singular.

How much

To ask for the quantity of something countless , we must use the expression how much , which means how much, how much.

Examples :

  • How much time do we need to get there? 
  • How much sugar do we have? 
  • How much milk should we drink a day? 

NOTE : the expression how much also means how much it costs.

Examples :

  • How much is it? 
  • How much does a trip to the Caribbean cost? 


If you have questions about using many and much , you can choose to use the lot of (very, many, many, many).

The expression a lot of can be used with both countable nouns and countless nouns.

Examples :

  • She drinks a lot of coffee every morning. 
  • They have a lot of friends. 

We hope that you have understood the examples of much and many in English.

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