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What is the difference between In and At/comparison table

Within the basic prepositions in the English languagein and at are two of the most common. These are prepositions of time and place. These two, along with on , are often confused with each other because their meaning in some other languages is the same for all three. This will only change depending on the context of the situation. The use of one or the other, in addition, will depend on a series of different conditions for each preposition. Because of this it is important to know the difference between one and the other. What is the difference between In and At?

Comparison table What is the difference between In and At?

Rules of use For one thing, in is used when referring to three-dimensional positions. This means that something that is located in a place surrounded by things.

·         These bears live in the forest.

Also, it is used to say that something is located within a closed space.

·         She locked herself in her bedroom.

Also when an object is located inside another object.

·         I keep my earrings in that jewelry box he gave me. 

It is also used to refer to cities or countries.

·         She lives in Surrey, England.

Also to refer to long periods of time (months, seasons of the year, years, decades and centuries).

·         Back in the 19th century women weren’t allowed many things they are allowed nowadays.

·         She is coming in December.

Finally, to indicate the parts of the day (morning, afternoon and night).

·         Dad said we’d play in the afternoon.


At, on the other hand, is used to refer to very specific places.

·         We’ll meet at the hall.

Also when giving an address or a domicile.

·         She’ll be back at home around noon.

Also, it is used to refer to an event or an occurrence.

·         I saw him at Claire’s house.

As well as to refer to a specific hour or moment of the day.

·         The show starts at 9 pm, are you going to watch it?

And to indicate that something happened on weekends or during vacation periods.

·         Tim said he would bring home his new girlfriend at Thanksgiving.

Finally, it is used to indicate extremely exact positions and locations.

·         I buy my vegetable at the farmers market; it is the best place for it.

When indicating an address As for in, when giving an address this is used when the address is given with the name of the street.

She lives in Regent Street.

Instead, at is used when the address to be given has a number at the beginning or only this number is known.

You can find their office at 5th, next to the shopping mall.

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