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Welcome to your Linguistics Test 44

The presence or absence of a component of meaning indicative of a border at the location indicated in an expression of place deixis

A determiner that is used deictically to indicate a referent's spatial, temporal, or discourse location

A quantity implicature based on the use of an informationally weak term in an implicational scale

A mean of changing a stem to adjust its meaning to fit its syntactic and communicational context

Modality that connotes the speaker's degree of requirement of desire for, or commitment to the realization of the proposition expressed by the utterance

A relative clause whose head noun phrase is outside the relative clause

A syntactic structure that consists of more than one word but lacks the subject-predicate organization of a clause

An image schema that involves an increase or decrease of physical or metaphorical amount

An honorific in which the social status of some other person present is expressed through choices made among linguistic alternants. These choices are made based upon the person’s relationship to the speaker

A member of a set of words that are phonologically distinguishable from other words in a language are often onomatopoeic, and form one or more syntactic classes or subclasses, most typically adverbial

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