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Linguistic Test 41

Welcome to your Linguistics Test 41

A directive mood which signals the speaker's request for instruction from the addressee as to whether to do the proposition expressed in the utterance

Some correspondence, or lack of correspondence, between the state of affairs described by the propositional content of an illocutionary act and the state of affairs in the world

The semantic role of the entity that completes, is a product of, or further specifies an event.

Deictic reference that refers to the speaker, or both the speaker and referents grouped with the speaker.

An illocutionary act that has the direct illocutionary force of a question

A sequence of turns that intervenes between the first and second parts of an adjacency pair

A common tendency found in the phonological systems of many languages

A collection of all possible entities in the referential realm denoted by a lexical unit

A culturally recognized pattern of association that exists between lexical units in a language.

An illocutionary act that has a directive illocutionary point of attempting to get the addressee to supply information

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