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Linguistic Test 8

Welcome to your Linguistic Test 8

Vowels where the back part of the tongue is raised

The rhythmical arrangement of syllables in verse, according to the number and types of feet used

Any phonological process in which a word or (more commonly) a sequence of words is reduced by the removal of some internal material, possibly with the application of some further phonological processes

The process by which a speaker consciously adjusts her/his speech towards a different variety perceived as more desirable

Voice quality where whisper is combined with voicing

A process where one sound is influenced by the characteristics of an adjacent sound.

Any segment which is a plosive, a nasal a fricative or a lateral resonant - in other words, any segment other than a central resonant

Two words of distinct meaning which exhibit different segments at one point but identical segments at all other points

An individual occurrence of a phoneme in a particular word in a position in which it contrasts with other phonemes

Sound that involves contact between the two lips

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