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Linguistic Test 11

Welcome to your Linguistic Test 11

The smallest unit of language that has a constant meaning or grammatical function

A work where words or terms can be consulted and their meaning, definition, etymology, spelling, fixed pronunciation, hyphenation, and grammatical form are provided

It is the affix that is added before the radical, in addition the basic meaning of the radical changes

The discipline that is responsible, among other tasks, for developing dictionaries is

Element that joins a radical to form a word, changing the basic meaning of the word

A minimal fragment capable of expressing a meaning

A grammatical element that is written as a separate unstressed word or particle, but is actually pronounced as part of the next or previous word

One of the procedures of word formation, and allows languages designate semantically related concepts with other typically adding affixes

A unit of meaning that is separated from the others by potential pauses in speech and blanks in writing

The morpheme or part of a word, which carries the referential meaning, that is, it gives the word an understandable idea for the speakers

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