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Welcome to your Linguistics Test 29

A grammaticalization of the current relevance, at the moment of utterance, of an event or state that occurred prior to the moment of utterance

A term of social deixis that expresses equality of status.

Any clause in a clause chain which is not the final clause, and is distinguishable from the final clause by a difference in verb morphology

A passive voice in which the verb has stative meaning, and actor is not expressed

An illocutionary point in which, by making an utterance, a speaker brings into existence the state of affairs described in the propositional content of the utterance

A kind of definiteness indicating that the referent(s) of an expression are not presumed to be identifiable

An ontological metaphor in which an abstraction, such as an event, activity, emotion, or idea, is represented as material

Any utterance made with strong emotion.

The specific turn that has the function of prefiguring the coming action

A broad classification of words that includes nouns and nominals

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