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A word consisting of a single syllable: eat, dog, is, try, black, when, strength

A phonological unit larger than a single segment but typically smaller than a syllable

The way we say a word on its own

The relation between two adjacent elements one of which linearly precedes the other within the overall structure

The process in which a lexical item is moved from one part of speech to another, with no overt morphological modifications

Vowels where the central part of the tongue is raised

The articulatory relation between consecutive segments in connected speech

The relation between two (or more) phones in which either can occur in the same position in identical surroundings to produce different meanings

Diphthong is one that begins with a more peripheral vowel and ends with a more central one, such as [ɪə̯], [ɛə̯], and [ʊə̯]

The earliest identifiable stage in infant vocalization, typically beginning around three months and characterized chiefly by vowel-like sounds of rather indeterminate character

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