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A relative tense that refers to a time located before that of a contextually determined temporal reference point.

The semantic role of a referent that is conscious of being affected by the state or action identified by the verb

A semantic role that is usually the surface object of the verb in a sentence.

A grammatical class of words with limited membership. These words have primarily grammatical meaning.

A temporal relation in which an event or state is expressed as marking the initiation of a durative event or state

A kind of definiteness which indicates that an expression’s referent(s) is in some way identifiable to both speaker and addressee

A balance schema that involves physical or metaphorical external and internal pressure on container-like objects.

A logical relation in which a proposition is intended to increase the addressee's assurance of another proposition.

A facet of illocutionary force, signaled by grammatical devices, that expresses the illocutionary point or general intent of a speaker a speaker’s degree of commitment to the expressed proposition's believability, obligatoriness, desirability, or reality

Modality that connotes the speaker's assessment of the evidence for his or her statement

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