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The second utterance in an adjacency pair
An expression or a text is the social situation in which something is said. It includes any information relevant to understanding the appropriate use of an expression or the interpretation of a text
A potentially contrastive part of the meaning of a lexical unit
A case indicating that the referent of the noun it marks is the means of the accomplishment of the action expressed by the clause
A pronoun that belongs to a class whose members indicate indefinite reference
The rate of vibration of the vocal folds
Particle is a morpheme that is either lexically contentless or behaves in a text in a manner that is anomalous with regard to its usual lexical content and is intractable to grammatical analysis.
Deictic reference to a location relative to the location of a participant in the speech event, typically the speaker
A relative clause that does not aid in the identification of the referent of its head noun, but only provides information about it
An illocutionary act that has a negated illocutionary force is performed conditionally, or is conjoined with another illocutionary act

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