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Welcome to your Linguistics Test 23

The similarity between a word (and expression) in one language and its translation in another.

An interpropositional relation in which a proposition(s) expresses the speaker’s value judgment regarding the factuality or desirability of another proposition(s).

A kind of information in discourse that actually occurs, is overt occurs at the now point on the timeline

An image schema involving physical or metaphorical wholes along with their parts and a configuration of the parts.

A case indicating that the referent of the noun, or the quality of the adjective, that it marks is the result of a process of change

A pronoun that has coreference with the subject

A verb which does not exhibit all the forms typical of a regular verbal conjugation

Schema that involves an external force physically or metaphorically pushing, or tending to push, an object.

An absolute tense that refers to times at and before the moment of utterance in asserting the present and past nonoccurrence of an event or state. It tends to imply that the event or state is expected to occur in the future

A scale of perceived like-mindedness or similarity of behavioral disposition between a speaker and addressee deriving from their similar background’s acquaintance, or personal characteristics, such as sex

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