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An expression of social deixis that encodes very high status

The phonetic realization of a morpheme

An illocutionary point which communicates an attitude or emotion about the state of affairs described in the propositional content of the utterance

A grammatical unit that never occurs by itself, but is always attached to some other morpheme

The even distribution of phonemes throughout the articulatory possibilities of a given language

A case that expresses that the referent of the noun it marks receives the benefit of the situation expressed by the clause

Information expresses a nonevent, something that did not or has not yet happened

The smallest meaningful unit in the grammar of a language

Place deixis in which the presence or absence of a component of meaning indicates that a location has length or area.

A kind of affix in which a suprasegmental is superimposed on one or more syllables of the root or stem, signaling a particular morphosyntactic operation

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