Language and Linguistics

Language language and speech difference among them

Language tongue and speech

Language language and speech are three concepts that are inseparable in the communicative process, but individually distinguishable from each other.


Language is a system of signs or symbols used in conveying a message. It is the ability to communicate ideas, thoughts, opinions, feelings, experiences, desires, information,…

There are two types of language: verbal language, using words as a form of communication, and non-verbal language, using other communicative means, such as gestures, sounds, images,…

verbal language :

Non-verbal language :

  • gestures; 
  • signals;
  • sounds;
  • colors;
  • images;
  • designs;
  • Facial expressions;


Language is a set of words organized by specific grammatical rules. It is a convention that allows the transmitted message to always be comprehensible to the individuals of a certain group. Thus, it has a social and cultural character, being used by a specific community:


Speech is the personal form of expression of each individual, which has its own organization of thoughts, ideas, opinions,… Speech follows the grammatical rules of the language, but leaves room for creativity and differentiation in communication depending on who is speaking.

It is influenced by the context, experiences, personality and linguistic knowledge of the speaker, presenting different levels, from the most informal or colloquial, to the most formal or cultured.

Speaking Levels :

  • Formal or cultured level;
  • Informal, colloquial or popular level;
  • Regional level;
  • Ordinary level;
  • Technical or professional level;
  • Literary or artistic level.

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