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The meaning of the word interrelation refers to a bond of the same degree that is generated between two or more people. But it is also a mutual relationship between people or things, so it is not limited only to the field of social or interpersonal relationships.

This word comes from the Latin “inter”, which means “between” and “relations”, that is, “relationship”. Its first appearance in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy was in 1984 and this body points out that an “interrelation” is a mutual correspondence between people, things, or phenomena.

After explaining the meaning of Interrelation, below are its applications.

Applications of Interrelation

The use of the word “interrelation” occurs more than anything in essays, academic texts, or scientific papers and not in daily use or in the media unless these are specialized in a particular branch.

In social relationships

Interrelation occurs when two or more people begin to maintain a relationship between them. Today the interrelationships go beyond personal treatment thanks to new technologies and social networks, so it is an area of ​​constant development and study.

In visual arts

In a composition, two or more shapes can appear and between them there are relationships that give rise to different spatial sensations.

Thus, distance, weight and size and gravity are perceived in different ways according to the position that one takes with respect to the other. These resources are very common in advertising.

In finance

There is what is known as “interrelation of financial statements” through which a company is organized. This is based on three aspects: the balance sheet, the profit and loss and the cash flow statement.

These in turn are interrelated with elements of the company, such as assets, cost of sales, financing and gross profit, among other aspects.

In the sciences

The interrelationships between the sciences occur frequently so that both come out strengthened or shed light on a topic. It is common for interdisciplinary teams to work together to formulate essays or precepts.

For example, sociology and psychology are branches that interrelate on many occasions to be able to explain behaviors in one or the other.


Some words that mean something like “interrelation” are “interaction”, “exchange”, “intercommunication”, “intertwined”, “correspondence”, “correlation”, “interdependence”, “brotherhood”, “bonding” or “connection” .


Meanwhile, the words that mean the opposite of “interrelation” are “disunity”, “dissociation”, “disintegration”, “dismemberment”, “dispersion”, “disjunction”, “rupture”, “division”, “decomposition”, “Separation”, “cut”, “separation”, “segregation” or “disconnection”.

Examples of use

  1. – “The correct interrelation between the engine and the gearbox is key to efficient work of the whole.”
  2. – “In recent years, the interrelation between human beings and the environment has caused the latter to change drastically”.
  3. – “Sociology and psychology are sciences that are interrelated in order to nurture each other”.
  4. – “It is dangerous for the adolescent when there is not a good relationship with their parents.”
  5. – “Corporate Social Responsibility” is a healthy interrelation between companies and society “.
  6. – “The relationship between senior managers and their employees is very bad.”
  7. – “A healthy business relationship makes the regional economy advance.”
  8. – “Human interrelationships took on another dimension with the creation of social networks.”
  9. – “The economies of Argentina and Brazil are interrelated in an exaggerated way and when one falls, the other also”.
  10. – “The growth of the European bloc in the economy is thanks to the fact that they have a better-interrelated trade since the creation of the European Union.”
  11. – “I would not interrelate these two very divergent topics. You are mixing topics ”.
  12. – “The key to a good work environment is, among others, an excellent relationship between employer and employees.”

We hope you have understood the meaning of interrelation.

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