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The Human Resources department is responsible for managing people in order to align the institution’s objectives with the actions of the employees who work there. In this article we will elaborate the HR software list.

Therefore, it is considered an extremely strategic sector. To support this activity, nothing better than technology.

There are several options for HR apps on the market, but more and more mobile friendly  sites  are becoming popular in the market as an alternative to apps. All of them can bring great benefits and simplify complex operations.

In this post, you will learn about the best HR software and applications that will make your routine easier. As the sector has different subsystems, we will present the technological solutions that are most useful for each one of them. Keep reading!

15 best HR software

Check out the complete list of the best HR apps on the market!

1. Gupy — Recruitment and Selection and Admission

As they are integrated processes, we recommend using Gupy, which has two complete solutions and brings together several Recruitment and Selection and Admission tools .

In addition to contributing to the standardization of processes, it allows them to be centralized in a single platform, but with the involvement of managers and recruiters with a view of the progress of the selection process.

Gupy is able to identify the most suitable candidates for each vacancy with the help of Gaia, the first artificial intelligence developed for Recruitment and Selection in Brazil. Learn more about Gupy’s artificial intelligence .

This streamlines the selection process, bringing more success and allowing HR to focus on more strategic tasks.

When selecting a person, it is possible to proceed with the hiring by Gupy Admissão. In it, all documentation can be done in a centralized and standardized way, reducing documentation errors and making contract completion much faster.

2. — performance management

Application that offers the possibility to measure the results of each employee within a project, taking into account some factors such as the number of tasks delivered or the punctuality of deliveries.

3. Evaluation — Performance Management

Performs performance analysis through previously established goals. It also helps to define a  reward system  for the best performances.

4. Qulture.Rocks — performance management

Complete application to manage and track individual, team and organization-wide metrics. In addition to focusing on OKRs, the tool also features features for the creation and management of the PDI )Individual Development Plan). HR software list

5. Pontomais — point and performance management

To carry out the time management of employees, the calculation of hours worked and other performance indicators, such as overtime and absences. Employees can check in via cell phone or on a single computer.

6. FolhaCerta — time and performance management

Application for managing employees and work routines for companies, managers, employees and HR. It helps in managing vacations, bank of hours, timekeeping, among other things.

7. RH1000 — professional development

This system is focused on obtaining results. Among other functions, it allows managing training and controlling individual development , centralizing and organizing these processes.

8. Hondana INDICA — professional development

This app allows companies to train their employees from a chatbot , which sends content and short tips every day to employees’ cell phones, allowing for greater engagement than traditional classroom training. HR software list

9. Felizz — engagement analysis

Great option to measure employee engagement and understand their satisfaction and happiness index. A tool that measures productivity and motivation in the company, improving the strategic management of teams .

10. HCM Senior — ERP for payroll

ERPs are software aimed at planning the company’s resources, encompassing different activities. In general, there are modules aimed at the payroll, facilitating this process. In addition to HCM Senior, other options recognized in the market are: CentralGest  and  SBG .

In addition to applications, how about checking out our Recruitment and Selection indicators monitoring spreadsheet?

11. Bitrix24 — internal communication

It is a free social intranet platform for businesses. It helps in internal communication and can help, mainly, to disseminate the institution’s culture to its internal audience.

12. SocialBase — internal communication

Internal communication platform between managers and teams to provide flexible access to files and information in targeted workgroups. HR software list

13. Wrike — project management

Focuses on team project management and making life easier for HR managers, who seek to create an agenda and plan schedules of tasks and even subtasks, improving time management.

14. Trello — project management

A project management application, in which you can allocate the tasks that must be performed. These tasks can be assigned to specific users, including deadlines.

15. Dropbox — file storage

File sharing storage service, this platform is a good option for HR to take with them all the documents they need.

The corporate universe already recognizes the importance of technological solutions, including in the Human Resources sector, whose decisions generate a strong impact on the entire structure of the company.

Therefore, betting on the use of HR software and applications that facilitate your area is a great investment. After all, human capital is an enterprise’s most valuable asset.

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