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HR’s strategic role encompasses several actions that actively contribute to business success. More and more, the traditional Human Resources sector, often related only to bureaucratic demands, gives way to strategic HR, which assumes a leading role. 

Thus, the human resources professional walks side by side with the business objectives, supporting the top leadership in the main challenges to achieve the best results.

According to a survey published by Harvard Business, strategic HR practices perform 51% above the market, on average. Still, the search for HR software in the world is expected to grow 10.4% per year until 2030, according to a study by Grand View.

In this sense, it is noteworthy that technological tools are essential for a strategic HR and they provide the support and data necessary for a more accurate decision-making on people management.

After all, one thing doesn’t change: the most important thing in an organization is people . Therefore, the connection between technology, employees, HR planning and the organization’s strategic planning promote an extraordinary result for organizations.

Want to know more about the subject? Read on and understand more about the role of strategic HR and how it can be an agent of change, especially in times of crisis. Follow up!

Why is 2022 the year of HR?

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a major behavioral change in people and work models, in addition to directly impacting the performance of the Brazilian economy and the health of workers. Therefore, HR assumes an increasingly central role within organizations in 2022.

Therefore, in the midst of the crisis, the strategic HR was active in helping companies to adapt the way they work, in order to ensure the health of employees and the continuity of activities, mainly by adopting the home office work model.

Now, with the advance of the vaccine, companies are once again readapting, returning to the physical office, often using the hybrid model, and dealing with the impacts that social isolation and the home office have brought to the world of work.

Increasingly, companies have focused on operational efficiency and humanized management. In this scenario, the HR sector must be prepared to be much more strategic, intelligent and assertive in its actions.

Therefore, 2022 is the year for HR to show itself, even more, as a protagonist , acting in line with what generates growth for the company.

What is strategic HR and what are the advantages for the company?

Strategic HR is nothing more than an area of Human Resources that works with people management in order to achieve positive results both in terms of employee and company growth.

With the technological evolution in the area, also known as HR 4.0, the sector is supported by software and tools with data intelligence that optimize day-to-day bureaucratic tasks and also collect and provide solid analysis of data regarding the behavior and performance of each employee, regardless of the size of the company.

In this way, HR has more time to dedicate to activities that add value to the company.

The intention is that all this technology works in favor of human capital , whether choosing the right talent for the right job, working the relationship between leaders and subordinates, improving the organizational climate, among other people management strategies.

Strategic Planning: the first step towards Extraordinary HR

Strategic planning is the path that HR, together with other managers and leaders, will trace during a certain period for the company to reach its goals.

In this sense, armed with data and strategic thinking, HR assumes its strategic and extraordinary role, as it is in total connection with the company’s scenario and objectives.

Therefore, there is no longer a need for a human resources professional who is oblivious to the company’s results. It is necessary to take on the strategic role of HR and put it into practice now.

If you want your company to grow, you need to have strategic planning aligned between the HR sector and the top leadership of the business.

Thinking about which tools to use for the team to be more efficient, how to increase productivity, how to deliver value to the organization. HR must make the company pulse, leading the culture and the team in the same strategic direction as the business.

“Increasingly, HR is not just dedicated to the operational and routine functions of the sector. People management needs to break through the walls of the business. Have a much more systemic and comprehensive relationship. In addition to understanding that, as a human resources manager, you need to deal with all stakeholders.”

HR Trends

Learn about some trends now to monitor and expand your strategic vision within the company:

New dynamic concept of dealing with human talent

The world changed. And the collaborator too. He has crossed geographic borders and has different expectations and needs. This requires a new people management structure that knows how to handle flexibility.

New Collaborative Talent Community

The organizational culture needs to be able to help companies move from point A to point B. Actions need to create an environment for all people to walk together, in terms of strategy and results.

New organizational ecosystem

It is also important to rethink organizational architecture models. Adapting to new work formats and how people interact in a much more flexible, hybrid, dynamic and innovative model.

New mindset and new way of delivering value

It is necessary to broaden the vision. Get out of the mentality that HR should only be concerned with the sector budget and start to worry about how it is possible to positively impact the company, what innovation to bring so that HR is much more efficient for the business.

New digital working model

There is no more room to continue with the same practices used in recent years. The digital transformation is essential and positive, as it makes processes faster, more dynamic, strategic and assertive.

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