How to recruit developers with qualifications and levels to hire and Soft skills

Recruiting developers

In this article we will provide you the information about How to recruit developers with qualifications and levels to hire and Soft skills.

Companies around the world now recognize the importance of adapting to rapid changes in the technological sphere. Improving a company’s general skills and knowledge is very useful in identifying new opportunities.

Understand the qualifications of developers

First, it is necessary to understand what is the set of technologies used in the company and what the needs of current projects are . After all, developers can master languages ​​and technologies at different experience levels.

Then assess which developer is in needFront-End, Back-End and Full-Stack, and what level of experience is needed for the position .

1-Front End Developer

This is the professional responsible for the part of the website or application visible to users, their mission is to understand the project’s objective and create ideas and solutions for this interface.

Check out some of the Front-End Developer’s technical knowledge :

  • HTML: to create structure and content;
  • CSS: to provide pages in color, fonts and background images;
  • JavaScript: to bring dynamism and better interaction to pages;
  • Frameworks and libraries: AngularJS, EmberJS, Foundation, Bootstrap, JQuery, React, Vue.js, Backbone.

2-Back-End Developer

It is the professional focused on the inner workings of the software , with the mission to ensure that the data from the graphical interface is always available. For this, it acts in server operations, such as updates, security, management, etc.

3-Check out some of the technical knowledge of the Back-End Developer:

  • Development Languages : PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, C, C#, C++ and Java.
  • Database (MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer) and cache;
  • Servers (Apache, Nginx, IIS, Microsoft IIS);
  • API’s (REST and SOAP).
  • Frameworks like Django for Python and Larval for PHP.

4-Full-Stack Developer

The Full-Stack Developer’s professional skills and experience are important at every stage of the project. From planning, managing databases, controlling the server, to creating user interfaces.

In general, he has knowledge of back-end languages ​​such as C#, Java, Python and JavaScript frameworks, Angular, React, Node.js. In addition to knowledge of front-end languages ​​and libraries, eg HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and jQuery.

Which level to hire: junior, full and senior

When recruiting for a developer position, it is also critical to understand the differences between junior, full, and senior levels before hiring. 

Junior developer: enthusiastic profile

In general, the junior developer is just starting his career and has little experience. In addition, he is a professional in constant learning and needs technical support from the most experienced developers .

1-Check out some features:

  • Mastery of the basic resources of the programming language;
  • Ability to find solutions to simple problems ;
  • Has basic knowledge of some framework structure ;
  • Assists in collecting and documenting user requirements;
  • Contributes to design and code reviews .

2-Full Developer: independent profile

In general, the full developer has an independent profile and participates in almost every stage of the project, in addition to working very well in a team.

Check out some features:

  • Has independence at work;
  • Masters the main technologies of the company ;
  • Work on multiple project steps simultaneously ;
  • Able to implement solutions from start to finish;
  • Masters varied agile methodologies .

3-Senior Developer: Leadership Profile

In general, the senior developer is a more experienced professional with a high level of responsibility. This professional must have mastery of the company’s set of technologies and proficiency in seeking solutions to critical problems.

At this level, the professional is expected to have a leadership profile, as he is responsible for providing his team with guidance on the development of the project.

Check out some features:

  • High level of knowledge of the company’s technologies ;
  • Knowledge in all aspects of the project;
  • Leadership ability to delegate tasks and follow up on deliveries;
  • Have a deep understanding of the business;
  • Team mentoring and support for new talent development.

Soft skills are essential when hiring developers

Despite the highly technical work of the developers, it is essential to assess the candidates’ soft skills . After all, this profession requires interpersonal and emotional skills to deal with projects, deadlines and people.

Mostly, the developer needs to have good communication skills and interpersonal relationships. In addition, it needs to have good organization, business vision and ability to maintain a good relationship with the customer.

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