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How to publish a book/benefits/format to choose/publishing a book

Have you, teacher or researcher, ever imagined bringing your book in a presentation as a basis for studies publish a book

I’m sure having a book published will give you even more credibility on the subject discussed and greater recognition in the academy.

Publishing a book immortalizes your journey as an author, researcher and scientist. And for many, it is a memorable achievement. 

Also because there are a lot of efforts involved for the development of all the work.

Making it real and possible to share with others is definitely something immeasurable for anyone who wants to reach new heights in their scientific career 

In addition, it is also very important for the academic world, since disseminating knowledge and research is fundamental and provides a basis for influencing other people. 

I must tell you that with a book published, your work becomes authentic and reliable for future reference, even avoiding plagiarism publish a book

Even because it has a huge weight in a Lattes Curriculum , the desire of every academic, isn’t it? 

I’m sure that, after knowing the benefits, you will already be thinking about how to turn your work, article or thesis into an academic book. 

So, first of all, let’s understand in which formats you can publish it? Check the next item! 

This is a big question among authors when building their book. 

This is because there are different requirements for each one, in addition to other benefits and disadvantages. 

Therefore, I have gathered the main points for you to analyze what best fits your objective . Check out the benefits for readers: 

printed books

Far beyond the readers, you must also think about what each format brings to the writer. 

When we talk about physical books , it is necessary to imagine that there are several costs involved, such as printing, cover creation and all other aspects that are included in a physical material and that are requested by a publisher , for example.  publish a book

Still, it’s a great accomplishment to have your physical book on shelves and bookstores. That is, for many, it has a high added value 

digital books

When it comes to digital books, we need to remember that the internet has brought us possibilities to transform and reduce bureaucracy in publications 

Even counting on the impact of virtual books or e-books, in 2020, there was a 16% increase in launches , with 9,600 titles published according to the National Union of Book Publishers . 

And readers are not left out of this, not least because the IPL stated, through a survey, that 53% of respondents already read books on their device screens and 64% are in the habit of downloading them .

And, combining the benefits of digital books with publishing, you will have greater reach and sharing of content , as it can be accessed anywhere in the world and by anyone. 

This is because virtual libraries are growing, facilitating access to content by different authors. 

In addition, you will have a lower cost for construction by not having to invest so much in the structure, such as printing, formatting and design.  publish a book

E-books value a simpler line , making room for the author’s complete dedication to the content 

Know where to publish 

The first point is to think about where you will publish: in a publishing house or on a platform ? 

As with print and digital, each has its advantages. 


Entering this subject, there is an immense range of publishers that carry the experience of years in the market 

Despite this, publishing is a little more complicated and bureaucratic 

This happens because they have a very careful evaluation process for choosing books, which makes everything time- consuming and more expensive . publish a book

Publication platforms

On publishing platforms, submission is usually very fast  and less bureaucratic 

In addition to being online, it has a much greater reach , as the reader only needs to enter the site, search for the book of interest and download it. 

Other important points of some platforms are: the possibility of following the growth of material sharing and having a very low cost compared to a publisher.

A website for your publication  

This is a key point in your publication. 

With a website for your book, you’ll gather all the information you need about the material, a summary , and access to download it 

Not only that, it is through indexing on a page that your book is found in searches on search engines, such as Google, with greater ease. 

Keep in mind the necessary identifiers

After choosing the location and format that you will publish, it is important to think about what the requirements will be to take the next step. publish a book 

Some publishers have specific requirements for each type of publication, such as review, evaluation, formatting, printing, registrations, and so on.

But, thinking about making your life easier, I tell you that publishing platforms will always be the easiest way 

Platforms such as Even3 already provide the identifiers of their material at the time of publication. These serve to catalog and differentiate the works. 

Although they are not mandatory for books, whether digital or printed, you must acquire the ISBN , the DOI and the Catalog Card . 

That’s because they will facilitate access, avoid plagiarism and categorize your work, even bringing other opportunities for your career 


The International Standard Book Number grants authority to your work. 

The ISBN is a system that internationally identifies books, e-books and event proceedings, according to the specific information of that material.  publish a book

In addition, by issuing it, you will be in compliance with Law No. 10,753 . 

This, also known as the Lei do Livro , promotes what elements are necessary for the material to have credibility and participate in contests, receive awards, enter public notices and be commercialized. 


The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) ​​is a number given to internet publications. 

With it, readers can find your material more easily , in addition to guaranteeing the authenticity of the publication. 

It is through him that you have the notion of how many times your online book has been referenced by some people and is also used by CNPq .  

Catalog sheet 

The Catalog Card is a document that helps in the identification and, as the name implies, in the cataloging of a material. 

In physical books, it is necessary that it bring: title, author’s name, ISBN, edition number, publisher, place of publication, number of pages and classification by subject

In digital books, in addition to those mentioned above, it is necessary to identify the format, the digital resource, the system request and the way of accessing the material.  publish a book

Remembering that it is used to standardize cataloging in the country , to facilitate the control of the collection and the search for information 

I’ve already told you the benefits, differences and possibilities for you to understand well how to publish your book. 

If you have chosen to publish on a platform, each one will have its specificity and requirements. 

So it’s important to line up so you know everything you’ll need for publication. 

But do you know what will save your life

At Even3 , we have a specific function for the publication of books, with all the services mentioned in the text for the success of your material, from a website to the purchase of identifiers. 

In addition, the platform is extremely intuitive and agile throughout the process. 

But, if you have any doubts, we also have support, which will explain each step and will reduce the bureaucracy even more of the realization of your dream.  publish a book

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