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The Schwab Foundation , an international non-profit organization, has announced the names that make up the ‘ Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs of the Year ‘ list, which recognizes social entrepreneurs with practices that are changing the world. Businesses come in diverse sizes and niches, but they all share the same ultimate goal: overcoming social and environmental challenges. In this article we will provide you the list of famous social entrepreneurs.

Among those recognized are two Brazilians: Adriana Barbosa, from PretaHub, and Henrique Guilherme Brammer Junior, from Boomera.

See below 10 famous social entrepreneurs that make up the list and get inspired:

1. Adriana Barbosa

Brazilian Adriana Barbosa is the creator of PretaHub , a platform to boost black entrepreneurship , offering training courses and exchanging experiences between entrepreneurs. The company acts as an accelerator and incubator for black initiatives. In addition, it addresses structural racism and gender disparities to promote opportunity-based entrepreneurship

2. Anushka Ratnayake

Anushka from Senegal is the founder and executive director of myAgro . A company that creates digital solutions for small farmers, allowing them to gain financial independence and lift themselves out of poverty by investing directly in their farms. It offers, at affordable prices, a mobile technology platform that provides services such as access to fertilizers, seeds and technical training.

3. Daniel Asare-Kyei

Daniel is the founder of Esoko Networks , which is based in Ghana. The company seeks to empower rural communities through digital transformation and financial inclusion. Thanks to the interventions, more than 3.7 million rural Africans have gained a “digital footprint” and are enrolled in various social protection programmes. In addition, more than a million farmers have already been empowered with market price information, agronomic advice and smart climate updates.

4. Dharsono Hartono

Dharsono is the CEO of PT Rimba Makmur Utama, the Indonesia-based company that manages the Katingan Mentaya project . The project implements a sustainable land use model by reducing deforestation and degradation, promoting conservation, increasing ecological integrity and increasing economic opportunities for rural communities through the sale of carbon credits.

5. Dipesh Sutariya (and Shanti Raghavan)

Dipesh and Shanti are founders of Enable India , a non-profit organization working for the economic independence and dignity of people with disabilities across India. The initiative offers professional experience and preparation for work in industries, in addition to linking these professionals with companies, with the aim of increasing the hiring of people with disabilities and overcoming prejudices.

6. Henrique Guilherme Brammer Junior

Henrique is Brazilian and the founder of Boomera , focused on recycling products that are more difficult to recycle, such as cigarette butts, disposable diapers and espresso coffee capsules. The company created a methodology called Circular Package to gain scale and impact by transforming waste into a product line with a cause, which brings together technology, design, science and social inclusion.

7. Javier Goyeneche

Founder of a brand specializing in handbags and accessories, the Spaniard Javier began to worry about the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. He then founded Ecoalf , a sustainable fashion brand that develops fabrics from recycled materials. In partnership with specialist manufacturers around the world, it transforms discarded fishing nets, PET plastic bottles, used tires, coffee, cotton and post-industrial wool into high-quality yarns and components for clothing, accessories and footwear. 

8. Lindiwe Matlali

Lindiwe is based in South Africa and has a mission to bring computer science into the classrooms of children, especially the most disadvantaged, and girls in particular. She founded Africa Teen Geeks , an NGO that teaches unemployed children and youth to code and inspires the future generation of technology entrepreneurs and innovators.

9. Sooinn Lee

Sooinn is the co-founder and CEO of Enuma , a South Korean children’s educational software company that is changing the paradigm of basic education through digital learning. Sooinn has developed many apps, used by young learners around the world, including students with special needs, that promote independent and effective learning.

10. Syed Azim Sabahat

Syed is founder and managing director of Glocal Healthcare System , a process and technology-based healthcare platform focused on providing affordable, affordable and responsible healthcare. It was founded in 2010 in response to the great need for healthcare services in India, especially in remote rural areas.

We hope that you have become aware of the famous social entrepreneurs around the world.

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