Challenges of diversity in the workplace and 3 challenges

What diversity builds in the corporate environment

The company that aggregates and supports diversity only attracts benefits due to several factors in the work environment, from the exchange of experiences among colleagues to the development of the company. In this article we will explain the Challenges of diversity in the workplace.

Another issue that brings as a benefit is the added value that a diverse company brings to society, standing out with its services and products, consolidating a lot of importance.

With this, the company can increase productivity, generating positive numbers for the financial health of the corporation, in addition to standing out among other companies in the market.

The company that is included increases the possibilities and visions inside and outside the company, which can generate more opportunities for growth and development.

Advantages when taking care of diversity and inclusion in company management

In this way, it is possible to see the following advantages when taking care of diversity and inclusion in company management:

1-more creative team

With so many different experiences, cultures and experiences, creativity can be a positive factor in this environment where diversity prevails, as well as the capacity for innovation and motivation of workers are raised.

As a result, it is possible for teams to develop more innovative solutions that can be combined to raise the company’s level of growth, internally or externally.

2-More favorable organizational climate

When diversity management is established, it can, over time, make the work environment pleasant on a daily basis, strengthening teamwork and interpersonal relationships.

In this way, there can be an improvement in the coexistence among co-workers, and in relation to teamwork, it also increases in the resolution of problems with the intention of bringing solutions.

3-Decrease in staff turnover

The turnover rate tends to decrease when the organizational climate is more harmonious and when employees can count on the company. This happens because employees recognize that the company is a place of growth, both personal and professional.

This point is very important for any company, since a large number of dismissals can generate very high costs with training new employees and processes with dismissals, harming corporate health.

But to achieve these purposes, some challenges may arise. Let’s look at some of them:

3 Challenges of diversity in the workplace

Below are the Challenges of diversity in the workplace.


One of the main challenges is the candidate’s true inclusion. Even more in cases of PCDs that many companies, even when hiring, forget to include this employee with other colleagues.

Inclusion does not only involve placing the employee inside a company, but making him/her to be in all of its environments, participating with other employees, so that they receive them as well.

Before receiving this employee, prepare all the necessary work tools and prepare the entire company to receive them. In the case of PCD, not only in the structural part of the company, but also in educating these co-workers to participate in their daily lives.

2-deal with prejudice

This is a great challenge for all types of diversity, whether physical, social, sexual and cultural.

Prejudice towards minorities is an issue to be studied in depth, as it involves a whole social construction that needs adjustments and improvements, often manifested in a subtle or unconscious way.

This makes the task of managing diversity more difficult, as employees themselves may not notice the prejudiced attitudes they are reproducing.

In situations where prejudice is seen explicitly (the person does not hide their prejudice in the face of some type of diversity) it may be necessary not only to invest in the education of this employee, but also to review whether they fit within the company’s Fit Cultural and before team’s.

In other cases, for diversity management to be effective within your company, it is important to create strategies to combat prejudice that may exist in the company’s environment .

One of the ways to accomplish this task is to invest in rounds of discussion and conversations about prejudice, giving space for employees who fit into some form of diversity to share their emotions and stories with everyone.

For this, count on looking for professionals, such as psychologists and therapists, to carry out these meetings and mediation of conflicts, always seeking the evolution of interpersonal relationships.

3-Build the professional development of each employee

For each person there will be a way of dealing and time for their development, both inside and outside the company.

Therefore, when it comes to diversity management, unanimously thinking about the professional development of the employee, without thinking about the particularities of each one, would be a mistake, which could harm the value of the employee and the company as well.

Therefore, always direct teams and employees to present their goals within the company, and together following this path according to the needs of each one can be a way of, together, better dealing with the company’s management.

Thus, knowing the profile of each employee will only help even more in managing people for a more diverse team. Not only for your evolution, but for a healthier relationship between everyone.

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