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Examples of sentences with indeterminate subject in detail


An indeterminate sentence is a sentence that does not assign a set amount of jail time. For example, an indeterminate sentence specifies a range, such as “5 to 10 years,” or “15 years to life,” instead of sentencing someone to a set number of years in prison. An indeterminate sentence is the opposite of a determinate sentence, which assigns a fixed prison term to an individual convicted of a crime. To explore this concept, consider the following indeterminate sentencing definition. Examples of sentences with indeterminate subject

A prison sentence that assigns a range of jail time to an individual convicted of a crime, rather than a set amount.

Indeterminate sentencing is the sentencing of a range of jail time to an individual convicted of a crime, such as one to three years. This is the opposite of determinate sentencing, which is the sentencing of an individual to a set amount of jail time, such as one year, or three years. However, an inmate with a determinate sentence can still be released early due to good behavior or overcrowding concerns just the same as an inmate with an indeterminate sentence.

What is the subject?

First of all, in order to focus on examples of sentences with an indeterminate subject, we must know what a subject is. The subject is the noun phrase, the noun or the pronoun that agrees in person and number with the verb . The subject, therefore, is required in a mandatory way by the verb.

The subject is always made up of a noun phrase. That is, the subject will always have as its nucleus a noun, a substantiated word or a pronoun. Due to this, it must always agree in number and person with the verb that it refers to within the sentence.

Within the subject we can find different types that fall into two large categories:

  • Lexical or explicit subject: the subject is shown explicitly within the sentence, that is, we can easily see it.
  • Subject understood or implicit : the subject does not appear written in the sentence, but we can know that it is and is understood by the verb that accompanies it. Examples of sentences with indeterminate subject

In turn, within these we can find different subtypes such as the ones we will see below.

Types of subjects

Subjects can be grouped into different categories taking into account the way they appear in the sentence. Thus, within the second category, that of implicit subjects, we will find the following subtypes:

  • Elliptical or omitted subject : in these cases the subject does not appear in the sentence we are analyzing because it has already done so before. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary repetitions, it is decided to eliminate it. On the other hand, this can also appear expressed through verbal morphemes.
  • Indeterminate Subject : the indeterminate subject occurs when this part is omitted in a sentence. It can occur for two reasons, because it has been deliberately decided to eliminate it or because the speaker does not know who is the subject who performs or suffers the action of the verb. The subject, therefore, must be sought in a referential way since we do not have it written.

Examples of sentences with indeterminate subject

At this point where we already know what the subject is, the types that exist and what indeterminate subjects are, we are going to show you some examples of these so that you can easily identify them and know how to analyze them correctly in a sentence. Pay attention to the following sentences in which the subject does not appear expressly.

  • They say that the consequences of the events that happened yesterday will be very serious.
  • In this case, we do not see what the subject is, the sender of the sentence does not know either. In this case, it is omitted due to lack of information to determine who fulfills this function. Let’s see more examples like the one above:
  • They robbed the mall tonight .
  • The price of gasoline has dropped .
  • The crime weapon could not be found .
  • There is no reason to believe that this will be the case.
  • There was a monumental traffic jam in the city center due to the football game.
  • The area was surveyed for clues that could aid the investigation.
  • Waiter is needed . Examples of sentences with indeterminate subject
  • There is no evidence that the drug works effectively against this disease.
  • Food, drinks, clothing and basic necessities were collected to alleviate the consequences of the floods.
  • It is a pity that you cannot travel to the beach.
  • They say that a being lived in the forest that was capable of camouflaging itself among the leaves and ensuring the safety of the people who walked there.
  • There are wonderful places that only exist in the imagination.
  • The rise in the price of electricity is estimated to be 0.8 percent next year.
  • It is not necessary to reopen the wound.
  • There were moments of tension during the altercations, but in the end the protesters dispersed.

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