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Implicit Subject with examples and elaboration

Implicit Subject

In a sentence there is an  implicit subject  when it is not indicated to whom the action of the verb refers. It is also known as a tacit, desinencial or elliptical subject, and it will always be identifiable through the grammatical person that initiates the verb. Implicit Subject with examples and elaboration

The subject is one of the elements within the sentence that stands out the most. It is always directly related to the verb. In order to recognize it, the core of the predicate must be located.

Sentences with implicit subjects

In the sentence “he walked too much” there is only the predicate. To determine where the subject is, it is enough to ask who carried out the action; in this case, who walked too much.

The answer is him or her. There is the subject, which was hidden or implicit.


– I traveled to Madrid (I)

– He won the elections (he)

– Have you ever seen something like that? (your)

– We observe how it works (we)

– I’m hungry (me)

– Have you played tennis? (your)

– We will eat pizza (we)

– He’s very polite (him)

– I ran the marathon (me)

– You are pretty (you)

– Saw the movie yesterday (she – him)

– We will walk to the park (we)

– Read page nine (you) Implicit Subject with examples and elaboration

– I will have three days of vacation (I)

– I should exercise (I)

– Did you see the news? (your)

– Take his brother (him) away

– If you go to the supermarket, bring milk (you)

– They broadcast the game (they)

– Read the article (you)

– I want to lose weight (me)

– Look at the email (you)

– Visited the Maldives (he-she)

– We play as a couple (we)

– A review should be done (you)

– They promoted the team to the highest category (them).


In all these examples the implicit subject is not written because it is deduced from the conjugation of the verb.

Although only the predicate is seen, the conjugation of each verb has a number (understood, singular or plural) and a person (first, second or third). With these elements the sentence is completed.

The implicit subject is commonly used in subordinate sentences: when the subject is mentioned in the first sentence, it is implicit in the rest of the sentences.

For example: “María (subject) studies at the university. She is very polite and responsible (she) ”.

Languages ​​that cannot omit the subject or pronoun

There is a term called pro-drop from the English word pronoun dropping , which means omission of a pronoun, and it serves to identify languages ​​that can omit this element and maintain the meaning of the sentence. In this category is Spanish. Implicit Subject with examples and elaboration

Other languages, such as French or English, require a nominal stigma or a personal pronoun in subject position to be able to construct their sentences. This condition is mandatory.

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