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Conditional sentences in English Grammar with examples

Conditional sentences

The conditional sentences (conditional sentences) are phrases that express the idea that something just happened, happens or will happen under a certain condition. In this article we will describe you the Conditional sentences in English Grammar.

Most of the time, the construction of conditional sentences is done with the word if (if). However, this is not the only way to express a condition in a sentence.

Check the information below to learn how to form conditional sentences.

Conditional with if

In English, most sentences with conditional verbs are constructed using if (if).

These if- phrases are called if clauses . There are 5 types of if clauses . Check it out below.

Type 0: if + Simple Present + Simple Present

Type 0 conditional phrases address general situations.

Examples :

  • If I go there, I call you .
  • If he calls , she gets happy .

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