Employee satisfaction survey questions with 150 questions

Employee satisfaction survey questions

Finding the best internal satisfaction survey questions is one of the most effective ways to understand employees’ well-being and engagement in the workplace. In this article we will explain you the Employee satisfaction survey questions

Furthermore, the answers to these questions allow organizations to assess the impact of leaders on those they lead and the improvements needed to build a healthy and happy work environment .

Therefore, to create a truly powerful and engaged company, you have to do the basics: listen to people, ask more, ask for their opinions . Regardless of hierarchy or level of knowledge, function or seniority.

Carrying out an internal satisfaction survey, or a climate survey , at the company is extremely important.

Just ask, preferably with the possibility of an anonymous answer . So it is possible to have greater involvement and sincerity to the main objective.

But what questions can I ask on an internal satisfaction survey? We’ve set aside 150 sample questions that you can use or be inspired to come up with new ideas.

150 questions for your internal survey divided into categories!

Engagement Internal Satisfaction Survey Questions

1. What do you think of your company?
2. What can we do to be a better company?
3. Do you think that anyone performed any activity this week that deserves to be celebrated?
4. Do you perform work beyond the agreed scope?
5. In your view, what would you change in the company?
6. Do you have a best friend in the company? Who?
7. What do you like most about your job?
8. Are you always aware of what you need to do for your work to be successful?
9. Do you believe you have a lot of responsibility or are you satisfied with the tasks you perform?
10. Do you feel proud of what you do in the company and share that feeling?
11. Do you know how to manage time and prioritize challenges and actions correctly?
12. Would you recommend this organization as a great place to work?
13. Do you see yourself working here a year from now?
14. How can we help improve your engagement at work?

Internal Satisfaction Survey Questions about Employee Wellness and Experience

15. How many “bad days” have you had in the last week?
16. Do you feel sad?
17. How would you be happier here?
18. How would you rate your productivity in the last few weeks?
19. How do you react when faced with a problem?
20. How would you rate your motivation over the past few weeks?
21. Do you feel any physical problem?
22. How do you feel about the company’s atmosphere?
23. How do you feel about going to therapy?
24. Is employee welfare important to you personally?
25. Do you exercise?
26. Would you be interested in participating in a wellness at work program?
27. Do you find your work meaningful?
28. Are you happy at work?
29. What are the most wonderful things that happened this month?
30. When were you happiest this month?
31. What work have you been most proud of in recent weeks?
32. When have you felt most satisfied, fulfilled, or reaching a life purpose or mission?
33. What results have left you frustrated or less happy or powerless this month?
34. What are the worst things that happened this month?
35. Do you feel excited to work?

Questions for internal satisfaction survey about Culture

36. Does the company’s mission make you feel that your work matters?
37. Do you know the company’s goals?
38. Do you know the purpose of the company?
39. Are you motivated/pleased to work at the company?
40. Are your values ​​aligned with those of the company?
41. How could our happy hour be better?
42. If you were the CEO, what would you change in the company?
43. Do you think we should talk about the holidays?
44. Overall, how would you rate your level of happiness at work?
45. Do you have the materials and equipment you need to do your job?
46. ​​Are you satisfied with the organization’s benefits package?
47. How open do you think we are to change as an organization?
48. How transparent do you think the organization is?
49. To what extent does our company culture drive your involvement at work?
50. Does the organization’s culture promote a comfortable and supportive work environment?
51. Are there any problems with our culture?
52. What are the areas that most need improvement in our organization?

Home Office/Remote Desktop Internal Satisfaction Survey Questions

53. Have you had difficulties working from home?
54. Does your work environment allow you to work without distractions when needed?
55. Are you satisfied with the comfort level in your physical workplace?
56. Are you supported by the organization if you need flexible hours?
57. Is it easy to get in touch with your colleagues and team leaders when you need them?
58. Do you feel connected enough with your teammates? Why?
59. Would someone say or do something if you felt distressed at work?
60. How do you feel working from home?
61. Do you feel that you have learned and grown in the last few months? If yes, how? If not, why?
62. Do you think there is adequate communication from your colleagues and team leaders?
63. Do you have all the remote equipment and tools you need to complete your work to your normal capacity? If not, what do you need?
64. Which communication channels work best for you?
65. What can leadership do to support their telecommuting work?
66. Is your home office productivity similar to when you were at the office?
67. What is your biggest difficulty?
68. Do you have enough interactions online to do your job properly?

Internal Satisfaction Survey Questions about Recognition

69. What reward would you like to earn at your company?
70. In the past seven days, have you received recognition or praise for doing a good job?
71. Do you feel that the work you do for my organization is recognized?
72. When you take into account your effort, skills and experience, do you believe that you are fairly remunerated?
73. Does the organization recognize employee development as a success factor rather than a cost factor?
74. Do you believe you are capable of reaching your full potential in the organization?
75. Does the organization train leaders internally?
76. Does our organization do a good job of promoting recognition in the workplace?

Communication and Feedback Internal Satisfaction Survey Questions

77. In the past three months, has anyone from the company talked to you about your progress?
78. Do you like giving or receiving feedback better?
79. Do you have the information you need to do your job?
80. In the company, do your opinions seem to count?
81. Are you well informed about our company’s performance?
82. Does your immediate leader communicate well with the team?
83. Do you receive feedback from your manager frequently?
84. Do you receive feedback from your colleagues frequently?
85. Do your managers value your feedback?
86. Do you receive appropriate feedback when a job is well completed?
87. How would you rate your direct leader‘s efforts to keep you informed?
88. Does the organization provide adequate information about your progress at work?
89. How can our company improve communications?
90. Which company’s communication route do you consider the most ineffective?
91. Do the organization’s departments communicate frequently with each other?
92. Do you think the company always tells the truth?
93. Does the company provide you with accurate information?
94. Has anyone in the company asked and expressed support for your career goals?

Teamwork Internal Satisfaction Survey Questions

95. Are your co-workers committed to doing quality work?
96. Who are the people in the company that you most admire?
97. How can we better serve our customers?
98. Do you know the objectives of the other areas?
99. Would you like to learn more about the history of co-workers?
100. Does anyone have any behavior in the company that bothers you?
101. With regard to your co-workers, how would you rate the relationship?
102. What strengths and values ​​contribute most to the team?
103. What is your legacy for the team and for the company this year?
104. How have you helped your team leverage their strengths?
105. How do you believe your team sees you?
106. Are the goals and responsibilities clear to everyone on your team?
107. Does your team provide on-the-job support whenever necessary?
108. Do you think the work is evenly distributed across your team?
109. Do you like the colleagues you work with?

Internal Satisfaction Survey Questions on Individual Development

110. Do you feel that there is an opportunity to do what you do best every day?
111. Is there someone in your work who encourages your development?
112. Do you see growth opportunities within the company?
113. In the past year, have you had opportunities to learn and grow at work?
114. What are your personal goals?
115. What is the main obstacle preventing you from reaching your goals?
116. What are your biggest daily difficulties?
117. Where and how do you want to develop?
118. Do you constantly learn new things?
119. Do you participate in periodic training? If not, why?
120. How can your own development make you even more effective?
121. Did you get significant results in points other than your goals?
122. How do you inspire others to improve their performance?
123. How are you feeling your evolution towards your career plans?
124. How can you demonstrate that you were proactive and preventive rather than reactive this year?
125. If you had the gift of going back in time, what situation would you go back to? And what would you do differently?
126. How do you believe your customers see us?
127. What insights do you have as you reflect on your strengths and points of improvement?
128. What can the company do to help you with your purposes?

Leadership Internal Satisfaction Survey Questions

129. Does your manager seem to care about you as a person or professional?
130. How can your manager be better?
131. Do you have a direct superior who helps you correctly?
132. How can a leader better prepare for meetings?
133. In your opinion, what is the ideal time for meetings?
134. Does your leader give constructive feedback on your performance on a regular basis?
135. Do you trust leaders to lead the organization to future success?
136. Do you think your manager treats all team members equally?
137. Does your leader have frequent team meetings for alignment and day/week focuses?
138. Is your leader available when you need closer communication (call or call) to resolve your doubts?
139. Does your leader give you the freedom to decide how you’re going to do your job?
140. Does your leader motivate/inspire you?
141. Do you think your supervisor is investing in your success?

Work/Life Balance Internal Satisfaction Survey Questions

142. Is the time you spend at the company enough to carry out your tasks?
143. When you finish your journey and go home, do you feel professionally fulfilled?
144. Do you feel that working in this company is good for you in general?
145. Does your job keep you and your family safe?
146. Do you think the work environment helps you find the right balance between your work and personal life?
147. Does your job cause an excessive amount of stress for you?
148. Do you think your manager understands what a healthy work-life balance is?
149. Is it easy to “turn off work mode” at the end of the day?
150. Do you take regular breaks?

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