Employee experience in HR its advantages and Implementation and data-intelligent software

What is an employee experience?

Do you know what employee experience is? Currently, there is a lot of discussion about how companies can provide a good shopping experience to their consumers. In this article we will explain the concept of  Employee experience in HR.

However, it is also essential to consider the employee’s experience in the organizational environmentThus, they feel motivated and engaged, directly influencing end consumer satisfaction and the organization’s results.

In this article, we will cover what is an employee experience and what the benefits are for the employee and the company. In addition, we will show HR why implementing this tool is important for good people management and how software can help. So, keep watching!

In short, we can define employee experience as a series of people management strategies and actions to create an inspiring environment and organizational climate for employees.

For this, organizations need to offer good leadership, a culture with clear objectives, an environment and a motivating organizational climate. In addition to so many other factors that can make this experience a differential for employees. Employee experience in HR

What are the advantages of the employee experience?

The employee experience has been a trend in organizations that understand that the best professionals available on the market choose the companies they want to work for according to the image they project in the market.

In addition, these professionals want more than a salary and rewards to be interested in a particular job. The modern worker wants to be in an organizational environment that puts human capital first, that is, a company that has the employee experience rooted in its culture.

Now, we will learn about some benefits that this set of actions and strategies provides to employees and companies.

1-Maps the employee’s journey

Mapping the employees’ journey is nothing more than a management methodology that seeks to provide a clear view of the company-employee relationship, designing the strategies that will be put into practice in favor of these professionals’ loyalty to the company.

Furthermore, this journey is made up of a set of benefits offered to professionals and actions for their growth, according to their behavioral skills and the expectations they have in relation to the organization.

Thus, the employee experience is provided, showing that the organization has differences in relation to the others, providing the employee with a unique experience of happiness.

2-Increases productivity

The employee experience actions directly influence the employee’s engagement and motivation , in addition to contributing to the professional’s good physical and mental health.

This is because the team perceives the dedication applied to the well-being and development of people within the organization. Thus, the employee will feel welcomed and will do their best to produce more, growing together with the company.

3-Keeps the organizational climate healthy

A work environment that relies on good internal communication, constant feedback, transparency in the alignment of objectives and, of course, which encourages and rewards outstanding employees, tends to provide a healthy climate for all members.

In addition, a healthy organizational climate reduces stress, absenteeism, presenteeism and even turnover . On the contrary, when employees feel unmotivated, absences and delays tend to increase, causing companies to spend more on layoffs and hires, hindering the achievement of better results.

4-Promotes the employer brand

The branding employer refers to a set of techniques in order to create a positive image of the company in the market. Therefore, this concept goes hand in hand with the employee experience.

This is because employer branding actions, when properly designed, will also make employees see the organization as a great option for developing their career and their productive potential, even before recruiting.

Some of the most used strategies to promote an employer brand and show its differential in the market are:

  • feed the company’s social networks with photos and videos about the work environment, as well as testimonials from employees;
  • organize a talent fair and workshops open to the public — where the best professionals will have the opportunity to talk and learn more about the organization.

How can HR implement the employee experience in the company?

The first step for HR to put the employee experience into practice in the company is to know and understand the behavior of employees. 

In this scenario, it is necessary for HR to map the behavioral profile of all team members, recognize the differences of each one and carry out a strategic analysis of all the benefits that each employee provides for the company’s results.

After carrying out this survey, it is possible to separate them into groups and invest in different motivation and development strategies, according to their strengths and weaknesses, in addition to the interests identified in each group.

However, to understand and correctly read this information, HR needs to be based on solid data. In the next topic, we will understand how this is possible.

How can data-intelligent HR software help?

Increasingly, companies are looking for help from technology and people analytics methodology to understand the expectations of professionals in relation to the organization , as well as improve the physical and mental health of team members.

In this way, it is easier to provide a good experience for professionals in relation to the environment and organizational climate. See now how data intelligence software can contribute a lot to the employee experience.

1-More assertive recruitment and selection

When the recruiter selects resumes manually, he has a greater chance of making a mistake, inviting candidates who are not compatible with the position to participate in the selection process.

However, when the candidate’s application is made on an HR platform, the software itself does a screening, considering the hard and soft skills needed for the vacancy in question.

Thus, in addition to saving time, automating the recruitment and selection process, the chance of hiring the wrong person decreases , a situation that is one of the factors that most contributes to a poor professional experience in the organization.

2-Optimizes people management

A software can be an HR ally when mapping competences, such as dynamism for the work, skills it needs to develop to improve its performance, ideal leadership style for the employee, among other attributions.

All these skills mapped help direct employees to activities that best match their profile, in addition to indicating the best courses and training to develop them without demotivating them, contributing to their well-being and preventing burnout.

3-Improves the organizational climate

Some HR software available on the market can help in conducting an organizational climate survey, reading the results, setting up indicators and reports so that Human Resources can make more assertive decisions in terms of employee experience.

In this sense, the organizational climate survey is a strong ally in building a good employee experience . Through it, HR can identify behavioral profiles, problems related to coexistence and conflicts that need to be resolved so that the corporate environment is not contaminated.

Now that you definitely understand what an employee experience is, be sure to apply these strategies and actions that only add to the organizational environment, providing motivation, engagement and growth to the employee and achieving the best results in the company.

Furthermore, when HR, together with managers and leaders, focuses on improving the experience of employees, these professionals become true brand promoters, projecting a differential for your company in the market.

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