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Undefined adjectives with types examples in sentences

Undefined adjectives

The adjectives indefinite adjectives are those expressing an inaccurate amount, approximate or inaccurate of the noun. Examples are: “there were several protests”, “ anyone can do it” or “” there are quite a few birds in the jungle. Undefined adjectives with types examples

They are part of the determinative adjectives, since their main function is to indicate or determine the noun, with the particularity that it is not known how many objects, animals or people it is.

Like cardinal adjectives, indefinite ones are used to designate quantities, but they are imprecise, indefinite. Therefore, they maintain their selective function since they express a numerical quantity of the noun, but it is approximate.

Types and examples of indefinite adjectives

Indefinite adjectives are classified into three types, depending on the idea you want to convey. They are divided into peculiar, quantitative and distributive.

1-Peculiar undefined adjectives

They are the adjectives that indicate a great imprecision in the noun, a very vague identity. These adjectives are anyone, true, such, similar, similar, whoever.

2-Quantitative undefined adjectives

They are the adjectives that express an indeterminate amount of the noun without knowing how much. For example: many, few, some, some, none, none, too much / or, some, all, a lot, more, less, so much, several, scarce.

3-Undefined distributive adjectives

They are the indefinite adjectives that indicate a vague and indeterminate distribution in the noun. Examples of this type of adjective are both, others, both, both, each.

Examples of sentences with peculiar indefinite adjectives

  1. One day, José called his friends.
  2. You can have any fruit you want.
  3. No matter how it is, the important thing is that it is similar to the one I gave you.
  4. Whoever it was will not be punished if he confesses now.
  5. I broke your watch, I’ll give you one like it .
  6. Such reasoning indicates that not all the facts are known.
  7. Add any dried fruit.
  8. On a day like today, Simón Bolívar was born in Venezuela.
  9. One morning, Little Red Riding Hood decided to walk through the woods.
  10. The painting is similar to others I have seen. It is not very original.
  11. Whoever does the exercises will know the difficulties to be faced.
  12. Any payment can be made at any time and by any method.
  13. He saw such an expression on her face that he regretted having spoken.
  14. Similar shirts should go in this drawer.
  15. A certain amount of pride can be good, but in excess it is very harmful.
  16. Count on me for any thing.
  17. On any given night , Luisa left home.
  18. Such natural disasters are caused by climate change.
  19. Whoever it is will have a hard time.
  20. My dress is similar to yours, but not identical.
  21. It is better not to mention certain things.
  22. No matter the time, at any moment we can meet.
  23. I do not forgive you such words.
  24. One summer night he went out onto the balcony and saw a strange group of people pass by.
  25. In such circumstances we cannot move forward.
  26. Whoever watches this series will understand that young people need attention.
  27. Any of the trains goes to Madrid. Undefined adjectives with types examples
  28. He made the recipe with certain unknown herbs, which gave the cake an exquisite aroma.
  29. I will not tolerate such rudeness.
  30. Any day of these I will visit you.

Examples of sentences with quantitative indefinite adjectives

  1. I have enough work to commit to something else.
  2. He faced too many difficulties in his life.
  3. A few days later he went on vacation.
  4. In the forest he was able to collect many flowers of various colors.
  5. He saw something in the game that made him reconsider.
  6. There are many different opinions.
  7. Have you ever gone on a long excursion?
  8. I don’t want any gifts.
  9. All I want is for you to be happy.
  10. You want to play with me? I have quite a few marbles.
  11. He thought too much about the matter.
  12. To add some flavor add a little pepper.
  13. I rarely laughed so much .
  14. I told you so many times that I don’t even remember.
  15. I want more prawn cocktail.
  16. Several of my friends traveled abroad last year.
  17. It took you less time, thank God.
  18. She was ill for many days.
  19. few hours before dawn, he went out for a walk.
  20. So much water goes into the pitcher until it breaks.
  21. You can buy several types of nougat, but I want from Alicante.
  22. This Christmas Eve we will serve more fish and less meat.
  23. Some friends will come to party on New Years Eve. They will be few because of social distancing.
  24. I slept little and badly. Undefined adjectives with types examples
  25. We spent many days at the beach, the children had a great time.
  26. I repeated the experiment several times, but did not get the same result.
  27. All you need is love
  28. I’m content if you give me something .
  29. Few taxis passed at that hour.
  30. I did not get any satisfaction.

Examples of sentences with indefinite distributive adjectives

  1. Each madman with his theme.
  2. The boy took both books and sat down to read.
  3. Juan and Rosa come with me, the rest wait here.
  4. Right at the entrance, there were two paintings by two different authors.
  5. Both brothers always went to their uncle’s house in summer, on the beaches of Alicante.
  6. Both nights he slept very badly.
  7. Every time I go for a run, my dog ​​chases me.
  8. By paths you can get to the institute.
  9. Bring your geography homework on Monday. The rest of the duties will be for Friday.
  10. Both car models were defective.
  11. There are flowers on every table.
  12. Both constitutions belong to democratic countries.
  13. An apple will be distributed to each .
  14. Javier placed both sculptures in a corner of the garden.
  15. I don’t care about the opinion of others .
  16. Mix both flours, wheat and rye.
  17. Everyone sees things in their own way.
  18. Combine two cups of milk with a chocolate bar.
  19. Both friends studied the same career.
  20. Both cousins ​​did not reach thirty years of age.
  21. He served paths cups of tea and cakes and sweets enjoyed with.
  22. When they both looked into each other’s eyes, they didn’t need to speak.
  23. Each sheep with its partner. Undefined adjectives with types examples
  24. If there is love, the rest does not matter.
  25. Twice he went to see her, and both times she refused to go out.
  26. He has two Golden retrievers, both dogs are very playful.
  27. He likes literature and philosophy, both careers are humanistic.
  28. They parked two cars, one next to the other.
  29. When you travel through Europe, get off at each station and visit the historic center of the town or city. This way you will know the places better.
  30. My dad told me every night: “don’t read with this light because you will lose your sight.”

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