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Conference definition/importance/Purpose

What is a conference?

A conference is a more formal meeting of people who are interested in the same subject, to discuss a problem and present hypotheses for a solution. Conference definition

However, conference debates take place in an open manner, without necessarily seeking a closed solution to the issue. Just to visualize possible paths in a certain area.

The great differential of this type of event is that people who already dominate the subject, who already participate in projects or who work professionally in the area of ​​the central theme of the conference.

In other words: the conference receives a very specific and specialized audience on the topic.

But what exactly is an academic conference?

What makes a conference academic is the central topic of discussion. I mean, academic conference is a kind of academic event . That is, the central theme is scientific and academic knowledge. Conference definition

So, the audience of academic conferences are researchers and professors who already work in the area of ​​knowledge of the theme of the event.

In general, they count on the presence of the person most specialized in the subject, to share their observations, discuss current problems, talk about innovations and new research results.

What does an academic conference do?

There are many types of conferences, of different shapes and sizes.

Smaller events tend to be more specific. Larger events tend to have a broader subject, and small conferences take place on the same theme to address more specific subjects on the general theme.

It is common for there to be a person to chair the table, in the role of moderating the discussion.

From the conversation that speakers initiate, the audience can formulate written questions to address to the table. Conference definition

Unlike the roundtable and the colloquium in which the public has the right to ask the questions and considerations orally, in the conferences the questions are filtered by the moderator.

So, it is activities of the moderation function to filter the questions and choose the most relevant questions.

Why is it important to attend a conference?

Let’s list the main benefits of attending a conference:

Greater chance of engagement

As I have already said, the conferences have an expert audience on the subject. So the chances of engagement in discussions are much higher. Conference definition

After all, not only are all people interested in the subject, but they also have a lot of baggage to share.

Clear all doubts and talk about your difficulties on the subject

It’s a great option for you to ask some big questions for people more specialized in the topic.

In addition, you can tell your biggest difficulties in research, for example.

Enrich the Lattes Curriculum

Participation in conferences generates a certificate that can help enhance the Lattes Curriculum .

Get news and important points about the topic

An academic event is always a great place to find out about what’s happening around that topic, who are the people who are researching and writing about it, and what the latest findings are. Conference definition

This is very important, especially in the face of so much content and information that we receive. If we were to search the topic on  Google Scholar , for example, it is possible that the result will offer trillions of different works.

So, conferences are important events to filter information and direct the gaze to what is most important in scientific research and to relevant researchers in the area.

Favor communication between researchers

Furthermore, the conferences promote dialogue and discussion from an expert audience. This greatly favors communication.

In other words, they help to develop networking and give the opportunity to talk about a topic that everyone is interested in. Conference definition

Even because, it is possible that the event brings together all the people who are interested in the topic, but who develop research and work in different places, to talk about that specific subject.

Develop new scientific knowledge

And as if that were not enough, the results of the conferences can undoubtedly bring important conclusions on the themes and generate new ideas to continue the research.

So, it is an important way to develop  scientific knowledge  and advance in  science .

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