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Examples of Passive voice with definition

Passive voice

The passive voice is a particular way of structuring a phrase in which, given an action that you want to describe, it focuses mainly on the effects of the action. Examples of Passive voice

The passive voice is characterized by a specific order of those elements of the sentence:

Passive voice: object + verb to be + participle + by + subject (agent complement)
For example: The cake was bought by my sister.  It is also considered passive voice if the subject of the action is not mentioned . In this case the elements of the sentence would be:

Passive voice: object + verb to be + participle
For example: The exercise was understood. 

Passive voice examples

  1. The glass was broken by the children.
  2. My wallet was stolen.
  3. The student is congratulated by the teacher.
  4. The best monograph was written by Juan.
  5. The assailants were betrayed.
  6. The files were altered.
  7. The doll house is built by Laura.
  8. New tickets will be issued by the State. Examples of Passive voice
  9. A possible fraud is being investigated by the police.
  10. My house was built by a local company.
  11. New dishes were announced for spring.
  12. Twenty subscriptions are sold per day.
  13. This problem cannot be solved.
  14. In other times, women were invited to dance by men.
  15. The truth was declared.
  16. The letter had not been signed.
  17. Sooner or later, the treasure will be found.
  18. The book was published two years ago.
  19. An abandoned house was destroyed by fire.
  20. It is better that your house be decorated by a professional.

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