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Compound noun examples in sentences/definition/description

Compound nouns

Compound nouns are all those that are formed by the union of two different words, which create a new one that has a specific meaning. They are also known as biform nouns, although this name is practically obsolete. They are very easy to identify since, as the name says, they are compound words that bring new senses. Compound noun examples in sentences

Sentences with compound nouns

The compound nouns , as their name suggests, are the nouns that are structured from two forms or words , which may be different in nature (prefixes, nouns, verbs, etc.)

The opposite of compound nouns are simple nouns, which are made up of a single word. These nouns can be easily identified since the parts that make them up are easily distinguishable, such as:

  • Interdict : formed by the preposition between + the word said.
  • Corkscrew : formed by the verb form removes + the noun corks.
  • Sale : formed by the noun purchase + the noun sale
  • Self-esteem : formed by the prefix self + the noun esteem

Let’s look at more than a hundred examples of sentences that contain compound nouns below; These nouns are highlighted in the examples for easier identification:

Examples of sentences with compound nouns Compound noun examples in sentences

  1. A letter stamped that it was important came to him, and he quickly opened it with his penknife .
  2. At the top of the building, in the middle of the storm, the lightning rod could be seen drawing electricity.
  3. We didn’t have a can opener in the house so we used a knife to open the preserves.
  4. A new security strategy was implemented as safeguards for all citizens of our country.
  5. bottle opener does not seem like a necessary item at home until you have a bottle and cannot open it by any means.
  6. At the bottom of the landscape, a beautiful rainbow had formed from the gentle afternoon rain.
  7. Traffic was concentrated on the side street , where there had been an incident between a motorcycle and two compact cars.
  8. He goes bustling with his classmates, annoying them all.
  9. The windbreaker was put on because strong winds were forecast for that afternoon.
  10. Mario has always been the bully and bully in all of his classrooms.
  11. He had left a message on the pager : there was an urgent matter that needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. Compound noun examples in sentences
  12. He brought that argument up as a hunt for my honest opinion and it worked.
  13. We found several centipedes in the backyard of our house.
  14. We gave him the bad news dropwise because we were afraid it might affect him because of his heart problems.
  15. There will be storytelling and children’s book making workshops during the children’s and youth book fair.
  16. Due to her recent popularity, she had to hire a bodyguard for security when she appeared at public events.
  17. The ranger lives in that cabin , in charge of taking care of the surroundings and reporting any problems.
  18. The switchman was waiting at the station for the next train to arrive.
  19. Thanks to the new goalkeeper of the team it was possible to move on to the next phase of the championship.
  20. He took the Coast Guard job as it was a temporary summer job.
  21. For geography class we paint the countries in different colors on the world map , we write the name of the country, the name of the capital and the official language.
  22. I have a couple of free hours at noon, which I use to eat something and read my emails or personal messages.
  23. The protagonist of the film is a strong, red-haired woman who excels in everything she does and represents female power.
  24. The rookie player has just been hired as a midfielder for a major national team.
  25. As human beings we should be increasingly concerned about caring for the environment
  26. Mosquitoes stained the car’s windshield .
  27. People used umbrellas, bags, briefcases or whatever they had on hand to protect themselves from the sun while watching the show.
  28. The evaluation of these food brands was made taking into account different parameters .
  29. I am afraid of turning into a pelican just like my father and grandfather were, who went bald before they were forty. Compound noun examples in sentences
  30. His over-acting was evident throughout the seasons in which he participated.

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