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Battle of the Castle of Chapultepec (1847)

Due to the disorganization in which the country of Mexico lived, the Castle of Chapultepec, one of the most emblematic places of Mexico City, “hides” behind its history a dark past with shades that leave doubt as to what details It is referred to, as this territorial space lacked a defined leader, it was the object of the desire of the Americans to seize it . Battle of the Castle of Chapultepec

Also this important detail, such as the lack of order, became one of the things that allowed the opening or beginning of a historical conflict that would change the direction or destiny of the Mexican country. During this fight, some very interesting characters were involved and that forever marked the history and life of the Aztecs. Here we explain more details.

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When and where did the Battle of Chapultepec Castle take place?

There is always a place, a date or a time recorded in time and memory, especially when it comes to events as relevant as in the case of this conflict. That is why we mentioned to you that the Mexican nation was in the year 1847, in the month of September and it was the date 13 of the month , when the army of the Americans, went to the Castle of Chapultepec, not with pacifist reasons but rather for battle, dispute and fight in war for such precious territory. It was there, in the same Castle of Chapultepec where the struggle that is developing during this article took place and began.

Who participated in the Battle of Chapultepec Castle?

As captain of the defending troops of the castle or complex where the Chapultepec military resided, there was General Nicolás Bravo , who used all the means available to him to try to stop what had already become inevitable, the taking of the place. aforementioned. One of the means or tools used by this general, apparently, was to use the patriotic love and desire to defend their land felt by children and young people between the ages of 12 and 18, who possibly attended a school military. These formed a troop that was later called “The Troop of the Boys Heroes”, participation that has left so many doubts and has caused so many controversies throughout history. Battle of the Castle of Chapultepec

The best known and most widely disseminated details about this conflict mention that the following children  Juan Escutia, Agustín Melgar, Vicente Suárez, Francisco Márquez, Lieutenant Juan de la Barrera and Fernando Montes de Oca , fought on behalf of Mexico in complete opposition to the Americans and their troops , who far outnumbered them. The aforementioned parties joined and organized to defend and confront these invaders in order to prevent them from taking over their fortress, Castillo de Chapultepec.

Causes of the Battle of Chapultepec Castle

The causes for the beginning of this dispute began a year before the Battle of Chapultepec Castle occurred, and it is that the Americans had already declared war on the Mexicans since they intended to take and seize several of their territories , among these we can To mention two, New Mexico and Alta California, among other states in the north of the country, it would have been better for them to take over all of Mexico. Therefore, it was this very motive that led the Americans to fight this time for the military fort that has been mentioned throughout this writing.


As some Mexicans call it, “the war that has taken the most from them” brought with it quite regrettable and moving consequences for the residents of these Aztec lands. Again he tells us the official story, the traditional one and the one that became known to the world, that unfortunately all the “Child Heroes” who were part of the troops fighting for the homeland were killed in battle while the enemy side struggled to take over. from the Castle of Chapultepec.

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Regarding this group, there is evidence of a particularly special case, it is that of Juan Escutia, a young man who wrapped himself with the national flag of Mexico as a symbol of his bravery and jumped down one of the castle‘s slopes , an act that It ended up meaning that the patriotic symbol or insignia of the country would never fall for the seizure of the American invaders. However, different versions of the events question and doubt that said action was as it is told. What is clear is that without a doubt those were heroic acts that were lived with the intervention of these young people and children who participated in the defense of Chapultepec. Battle of the Castle of Chapultepec

On the other hand, this combat also resulted in devastating political consequences for the Aztecs since the dispute culminated with the signing of the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaties, with which Mexico, for only fifteen million pesos, delivered, yielded and put in the hands of the United States its more than 2,000,000 km of land , including the states of Nevada, Kansas, California, Texas and Oklahoma. Subsequently, as a consequence, mistrust in the sovereignty of the nation and its lack of control, in addition to being hoisted the American flag , joins this .


At the end of this story, we find a country that came face to face with failure because not with all the efforts that were made nor with all the lives that were sacrificed and people who endured until death, was it possible to bring down the oppressors.

On this occasion, Mexico had to accept defeat and understand that the United States had won during the confrontation or war and with that a vast and new national territory that, although stripped, became their property as they had proposed. Under this sad defeat the resignation or abandonment of a president was also involved when he was precisely in the middle of the struggle, clearly this produced a great disorder in the combatants of Mexico, for which it was concluded that the Aztecs had had a battle very badly fought on his part. The lack of order and direction in battle led to disaster. Battle of the Castle of Chapultepec

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