What is Emotional Abandonment, Concept, Meaning

Human beings are faced with feelings of frustration, such as guilt, anxiety, rejection, abandonment, etc. All of them create an inner discomfort and in some cases the help of a professional is needed. What is Emotional Abandonment?

If a child is at home alone while their parents work, or when a woman realizes that her husband is no longer emotionally involved in the relationship, it is quite possible that this child and the woman will experience an inner feeling of emotional abandonment. From this state , feelings of sadness, disappointment, disappointment, helplessness, anguish, personal discomfort, etc. arise.

It should be noted that someone’s physical presence is compatible with a feeling of emotional absence. For example, a couple lives in the same home and one of them feels that the other has abandoned them.

This feeling occurs when there is an internal disconnect with the other person (a child with no relationship to the parent or a friend with respect to another). When we expect a certain affection from another person and this does not manifest itself, the consequence is an inner emptiness and a feeling of abandonment. What is Emotional Abandonment?

Psychology experts claim that emotional withdrawal produces a series of marks on the human soul.

Factors that trigger emotional feeling

Experts on human behavior consider that some people have this feeling as a consequence of their genetic heritage or their own family history.

In romantic relationships, the emotional bond of a couple can be broken for many reasons: by the routine of daily life; because there is a different evolution between the two or else because a third person appears.

Some signs that indicate emotional abandonment in a couple

– There is no direct conflict, but there is a situation of apathy and lack of interest;

– Listening with little empathy to what the other says;

– Not receiving demonstrations of affection.

In the childhood

Children are especially emotionally vulnerable. Your relationship with your parents is crucial to your balance and personal well-being. In fact, adults who were emotionally abandoned in their childhood have scars inside that are difficult to close completely. What is Emotional Abandonment?

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