What is Written communication/elements/characteristics

Written communication

Written communication is that which is carried out through written language, usually on paper, although nowadays writing is carried out more often on the screens of mobile phones and computers. It tends to be more structured and permanent than oral communication. Written communication characteristics elements

Through written language we express ideas, thoughts, emotions, tell stories and explain various concepts.

Elements of written communication

It consists of the same elements of oral communication: sender, receiver, message, channel, code, context and feedback; and two more: structure and style.

The message is the text, the information that you want to convey. The channel of written communication is writing and the support that supports it (paper, screen, etc.).

  • 1-Structure

The structure has to do with planning what you want to write, what you want to communicate.

  • 2-Style

It is the way or the way in which the written message is going to be transmitted. It varies according to the objective of the message (literary, legal, colloquial, etc.).

Characteristics of written communication

  • 1-To know how to read

An essential element of written communication is to demand among the participants an educational level higher than that of oral communication: knowing how to write and having a minimum of reading comprehension.

  • 2-More elaborate process

Written communication tends to be more thoughtful and elaborate than oral communication, although this is not completely true in rapid messages, such as those on social networks, where the spontaneity of oral language tends to reproduce.

Written language must almost always be self-sufficient to convey the message. It is not supported by sign language. That is why he is more careful and adhering to the rules (spelling and grammar).

  • 3-Permanent character

It tends to be permanent, since the communication is recorded on paper (or in some form of digital memory ), so it can be reviewed more than once and filed.

  • 4-One-sided and deferred character

It can reach more than one sender and there is not always feedback, so there is talk of a one-way communication between the sender and the receiver. Although in the case of written messages through telephones and computers, there may be multilateral communication. Written communication characteristics elements

Written communication can be deferred, as it does not require the presence in the same space / time of the sender and the receiver. This was most evident when the main form of written communication was conventional mail correspondence. Today this time difference can be hours or minutes, in the case of social networks.

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