What is White Voice/concept/elaboration

Music is present in our lives constantly. Choral music is timeless. A style of music that shows the importance of group work to harmonize voices and sing melodies, under the direction of a director who guides the entire choir. Within choral music there are also different specialties. White Voice

The choir of white voices is made up of boys and girls. These are people who, because of their age, have not had any change in their voice, this happens before puberty. The children’s voice has specific characteristics, for example, it is higher.

children’s voices

The white voice choir is organized into groups of different voices, but not all of them are harmonized with each other. Many schools give importance to music in the training of students and carry out educational initiatives of various kinds. For example, organizing a musical choir.

This fact is clearly reflected in the French film “The Voice of the Heart ”, a film that won over audiences in 2004. Christophe Barratier was responsible for directing it. The story takes place in a boarding school, where a music teacher starts working and offers a new opportunity for these young people through the power of music. The change in voice experienced by boys and girls in adolescence causes tonality and vocal capacity to change at this stage. White Voice

voice transformation

Girls tend to experience this transformation around the age of 12, while boys are a little later, around 13 or 14 years old. That is, the range of the voice changes in such a way that some children start to stand out for their vocal abilities, but they lose this talent in later stages of life. A change of voice is observed in artists who started their careers as child prodigies, for example, the Spanish singer Joselito or the girl Marisol. White Voice

In a group of white voices, children learn to articulate sound in a more beautiful way. Furthermore, musical aptitude is accompanied by proper breathing control . Music promotes sensitivity in children, in addition to improving a specific human intelligence : musical.

On the other hand, children who sing in a choir also learn to work together, promoting collaboration among others.

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