What is Sniper definition/concept/elaboration

Handling a rifle is one of the most important aspects for any soldier. It is an essential weapon on the battlefield, as it serves both defense and attack actions. Some soldiers are characterized by their great shooting accuracy and this quality makes them considered snipers. Sniper


The complexity of warfare makes it necessary for specialized soldiers to use long-range weapons. The sniper usually acts alone and from a privileged position.

Shoots with a primary objective: to weaken the enemy’s ability to attack. Usually the soldier who performs this function targets a reduced number of enemies, but these are of high strategic value (for example, one tries to overthrow the officers of the other side to provoke the demoralization of the troops). Sniper

On many occasions, the sniper has the support of an observer who decides which is the most suitable target. These professionals can also shoot other groups of military personnel or perform support tasks in the movement of their troops.

For your action to be effective you need a precision weapon with a telescopic sight, a lot of aim and use some kind of camouflage to go unnoticed.

Provoking terror in the civilian population

Many war actions have a psychological component. Thus, the sniper does not always shoot at other soldiers, but can shoot at the unarmed population . In this way, the sniper manages to make the civilian population experience a generalized panic as a consequence of the casualties produced among the civilians. Because of this, the figure of the sniper has very negative connotations, as his action does not have any bravery component, but rather the opposite. Sniper

beyond the army

The police forces also have troops specialized in long-range shots with very precise weapons. These professionals are especially useful for kidnapping cases.

Of course, in the criminal world there are also specialists who perform these functions. One of the most distinguished was the so-called “Austin sniper”. It was Charles Whitman, a student at the University of Texas, who in 1966 started a shootout with police from a tower in the commercial area of ​​the campus , but who was finally shot by it. Sniper

On the other hand, the assassination of President Kennedy had as protagonist the specialist in rifles and ex-marine, Lee Harvey Oswald. In cinematographic fiction, the figure of the sniper also has a certain prominence.

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