What is Unrequited Love/meaning/concept

Love for someone is usually gratifying as long as the feeling is mutual. When passion for another person is not reciprocated, it is unrequited love.

It is associated with a number of strong emotions, such as frustration, sadness, obsession, anger and impotence. Logically, this peculiar combination has a destructive emotional component that can turn into suffering.

What can we do when we love but are not loved?

Facing unrequited love is painful and bitter. While there is no foolproof recipe for overcoming this type of situation, there are some considerations that should be helpful. First, it is convenient to rationally accept that your loved one doesn’t want them. Second, we must analyze why we were hurt by the situation. On the other hand, it’s important not to despair. Unrequited Love

So that emotional disillusionment does not intensify, it is advisable to physically distance yourself from your loved one and look for some kind of distraction. Finally, faced with this problem, it is necessary to put into practice strategies that help us to recover our emotional balance.

A classic theme in literature

In novels the theme of love is approached in many ways and one of them is, more precisely, through unrequited love. The characters who experience this passion are deeply marked. In both real life and fiction, unrequited love is a variant of impossible love. Unrequited Love

The Don Quixote character falls in love with a humble peasant girl named Aldonza Lorenzo, but in the noble knight’s delirious fantasy she is known by another name, Dulcineia de Taboso. What is most striking about this love story is that Dulcinea is actually the result of the exuberant imagination of the novel’s protagonist.

In the novel “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, the protagonist is a young man named Pip who falls in love with an attractive and arrogant young woman, Estela. He is an orphan of very humble origins and she is the adopted daughter of a very wealthy lady. For Pip his beloved is an inaccessible person because of her beauty and her social status .

In the work “Romeo and Juliet”, by William Shakespeare, we find the antithesis of unrequited love. Despite this, the two characters have a tragic ending because their love is fraught with insurmountable difficulties. Unrequited Love

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