What is Interculturality definition/concept

The term interculturality refers to the cultural diversity that manifests itself in today’s society. If we take into account the big cities as a reference, we will find people from different ethnic backgrounds, different languages ​​and very diverse cultural traditions. In order for people to live harmoniously together, it is necessary to promote values ​​such as integration , tolerance and mutual respect. Thus, interculturality is precisely a bet on the acceptance and normalization of social differences.

Interculturality and multiculturality

These two concepts have similarities and differences and resemble a fundamental idea: that society is not homogeneous, but plural. However, there is a notable difference, since multiculturality expresses differences as an objective fact and interculturality aspires that these differences translate into full integration of cultures. In this way, interculturality has a demanding and transforming component, as it proposes to overcome multiculturalism.

Intercultural challenges

Throughout history, religious, ethnic and cultural differences have been an argument to justify the social exclusion of some groups.

In this sense, interculturality seeks to create a framework of coexistence in which no group is discriminated against by any differentiating aspect.

Differences between one group and another cannot involve any form of inequality. In fact, traditional society establishes hierarchies based on differentiating aspects. In this line of thought , interculturality is based on an ethical criterion: all cultures deserve the same respect.

One of the fields of action of interculturality is the educational area

Thus, there are countries that put into practice school programs so that students from different cultures have a satisfactory relationship and a level of equality .

Interculturality expresses the desire for better coexistence among human beings. However, it is a path with all kinds of obstacles: overcoming prejudices, linguistic problems and the historical hegemony of some groups over others. Definitely, interculturalism is a bet by the inclusion social assembly of citizenship, an issue that should be addressed in school, in media communication , legislation and in everyday life.

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