What is University Hospital definition/concept

Hospital is a center for the cure of the sick and the university is an academic center for training. Both spaces can be part of a specific modality: the university hospital.

General characteristics of university hospitals

These hospital centers are associated with a university. In this way, students of medicine and various paramedical disciplines can learn their profession from real patients.

In them, different protagonists act: medical professionals, doctors in the process of training, students, researchers and academic authorities. The final result can be translated through a triple function : medical care, research and teaching. University Hospital

In university hospitals, the training process of medical students is supervised. In this way, students who have already surpassed their theoretical and practical training can improve their learning by taking care of hospitalized patients.

The historical origin of hospitals

From a historical point of view, the first hospitals appeared in the ancient civilizations of India and Egypt, in which the sick and injured people were treated for humanitarian reasons. Later, Greek civilization used shrines and temples to attend to the sick.

In the first centuries of the Christian era, religious orders founded the first hospital centers to accommodate people in need of medical care. In this sense, it should be noted that the words hospital and hospital share the same etymological origin.

The first university hospitals

From the 11th century onwards, European cities such as Oxford, Paris and Bologna hosted the first universities. For centuries the academic teaching of medicine remained totally separate from the hospital world. However, in the 18th century, a new scientific mentality was consolidated and for this reason some hospitals in Great Britain allowed medical students to deepen their training in a practical way. University Hospital

The university learning of future doctors was complemented by patient care in a hospital. In this context, the first physician-researcher programs emerged. The classic separation between universities and hospitals became a new model: the university hospital.

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