What is Domination definition/concept

Domination is any circumstance in which one group exercises hegemony over the other. This circumstance is due to several causes, as the term refers to numerous situations. From a political point of view, it refers to a circumstance in which a certain group has a majority in the various departments of the state , in the case of democracy, this position is achieved due to a majority reached in elections.

Since ancient times there have been situations in which one nation is superior to another. In these cases, domination was achieved through war, where the losing group started to pay a tax to the winning group. In these circumstances, slavery was common, as the defeated were part of the group of workers who had to support the victors with their work. This organization was part of a specific period of history, this was a sample of what a process of domination represents. In the case of Rome it was very important because it was through the war that a great number of defeated peoples were forced to pay taxes as a result of this fact. Thus, this process was aimed at economic appropriation. Domination

With the arrival of feudalism, a new form of domination process was created. In this case, the superiority of one group over another meant the violation of freedom , as long as the choices were voluntary. Thus, this type of social organization was supported by the role of a lord who owned many lands and a servant who had to cultivate and deliver part of the production . This regime was sustained due to the difficulty of maintaining a central power, a circumstance that favored local authorities. However, it was a form of production that can describe a much more subtle and insidious dominance situation. Domination

Currently, there may be a situation similar to the previous one, with some groups sustaining a hegemony over others in a hidden way. However, the great complexity reached by the present society makes it difficult to explain its processes with rigor. What seems clear is that this domination is based on economic groups that only look after their interests and that have superiority in the economy .

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