What is Technical Drawing definition/concept

Technical drawing is a specific form of representation of reality . It is a subdivision or branch of design that serves as a basic instrument for different areas such as architecture, urban planning, engineering, etc.

The different shapes and objects that we observe and use are drawn and built in advance from a drawing that has no artistic meaning, but whose purpose is of a practical nature.

It can be said that the technical drawing is the key to drawing all the elements that surround us

In this sense, it should be noted that objects are represented because we have geometric knowledge. Geometric shapes, in turn, require all kinds of knowledge: symmetry, magnitude, angles or projections. Likewise, any representation can be drawn from different perspectives (specialized terminology is called view): front view, top view, right, left, bottom or back. Technical  drawing

Currently, technical design has introduced software programs in various application areas. This circumstance establishes a great technical advance, since the drawing of objects does not depend on the draftsman’s skill.

The example of urbanism

The cities of the planet are constantly changing. Its evolution depends on human needs . In order for its inhabitants to enjoy a good quality of life , urban planners must know how to design cities according to the circumstances that affect people.

Public space, roads or the distribution of basic services are designed with urban criteria, from which they are developed based on technical design.

The planning of a city depends on many factors such as population, transportation, leisure, climate, culture, etc. The urban planner needs to evaluate all this and try to convey it in a given project. The drawing made is a summary of all human needs concentrated in the urban space.

Consequently, urbanism must combine different elements with an aesthetic dimension of the city and adapt it to people who live in urban areas. Technical drawing

Cities are organized through a model, a general plan of urban organization, from which the land destined for construction or urbanization that does not allow for rustic construction is divided .

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