Human values examples/32 examples of human values

Human values ​​are the principles that guide people’s actions and behavior. These values ​​are culturally constructed. They serve as the basis for human development through interpersonal relationships, with nature and with the world. Human values examples

Here is a list of the main examples of human values:

  1. Altruism – attitude that seeks the interest and well-being of others, as opposed to selfishness.
  2. Friendship – feeling of closeness and companionship between people, relationship between friends.
  3. Love – sublime feeling of admiration and extreme affection in a personal relationship.
  4. Assiduity – constant and secure presence at appointments.
  5. Kindness – quality of the person who acts based on the good to the next.
  6. Compassion – ability to feel pity and solidarity with the adversities experienced by another person.
  7. Condescension – the attitude of yielding to the will of another person.
  8. Trust – feeling of security and strong belief in something.
  9. Courage – overcoming fears, fears and dangers; bravery.
  10. Cordiality – characteristic of sympathy and care in relationships between people.
  11. Curiosity – intense desire to seek information and knowledge.
  12. Discipline – responsibility, commitment and compliance with norms and rules.
  13. Empathy – feeling generated by the ability to feel like another person, to put oneself in the other person’s condition. Human values examples
  14. Spontaneity – autonomy, natural action without the need for stimuli or pressure.
  15. Fraternity – feeling of being among brothers, companionship.
  16. Honesty – decency, clarity and rectitude of actions.
  17. Honor – pride, commitment, dignity and moral rectitude.
  18. Justice – quality of what corresponds with what is right, right.
  19. Loyalty – faithfulness, unwavering commitment to others.
  20. Freedom – ability to choose for oneself, self-determination.
  21. Patience – calm, tranquility and virtue of waiting for the natural timing of events.
  22. Peace – absence of conflicts and problems, non-violence.
  23. Perseverance – moral endurance, ability to persist in view of a goal.
  24. Punctuality – meeting schedules and goals. Human values examples
  25. Proactivity – ability to act autonomously and in advance of problems.
  26. Prudence – virtue of caution, precaution and reflection.
  27. Resilience – resistance, flexibility, adaptability and firmness in the face of adverse situations.
  28. Respect – attitude of commitment to others, acceptance of society’s values ​​and principles.
  29. Responsibility – feeling of duty and commitment to one’s actions.
  30. Sincerity – commitment to truth and openness.
  31. Solidarity – feeling of collaboration and compassion with the suffering of others.
  32. Toleranceability to support and respect contrary or divergent attitudes and positions. Human values examples

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