What is Commerce/meaning/concept

Trade can be defined as an activity in the economic field that consists of the exchange of goods or services between two or more people, carried out with the ultimate objective of obtaining profit . Commerce

From an etymological point of view, the word trade has its origins in Latin, more specifically in the roots “cum” which means together and “merx” merchandise. Therefore, it can be said that the concept of commerce is equivalent to the negotiation between people of certain goods.

Historical origin of commerce

Many historians use the phrase: “Commerce is as old as society itself ”. Although commerce has its origins thousands of years ago, this is not certain, as there is no concrete claim that the first groups of humans carried out any type of commercial transaction . Commerce

However, what is certain is that because of the first stable settlements in the caves, the family nucleus and sedentary lifestyle emerged, thus, humans began to form broader groups and began to relate to each other. As a result of these relationships and of the technological advances that made it possible to increase the volume of their hunts and their harvested food, trade emerged to provide an outlet for this food surplus.

The first existing trading formula was the exchange

This refers to the negotiation of certain goods by others, so that the most basic needs can be satisfactorily met.

It is from this point of view that different human societies seek a way to implement a better exchange system that allows them to obtain more and better products in exchange for their surplus. This tendency was increased as societies advanced, by the increase in their needs, which could only be satisfied through trade.

Many peoples found in trade a form of expansion, even selling their products in far away territories, as was the case with the Phoenicians, the Chinese and the Hebrews. Thus, driven by this commercial eagerness, these peoples improved transport systems, both land and sea, interconnecting areas that were more and more distant from each other and establishing trade routes that would illuminate a whole network of settlements, towns and cities. Commerce

This era that determines the origin of commerce would come to an end because of the emergence of monetary systems that would greatly facilitate commercial transactions and would end up putting exchange to the background.

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