Scale values Examples Importance and How to build scale values

Scale values

The scale of values ​​is created by individuals in a personal way and establishes the order of importance that each one of us gives to human values ​​such as respect, solidarity or tolerance.

Our mission would be to constantly update this scale to optimize the discovery of what we want to do with our goal in life, establishing priorities. This means that, having a clear scale of personal values , we will feel oriented to make decisions when we feel doubts.

It is vitally important to give value to the things that happen to us and more so in times like these in which we constantly need to measure tolerance and patience capacities. An appropriate value to events keeps us focused.

A value scale includes two aspects; The first is to be clear about the fundamental values ​​and the second is to prioritize according to their importance . If the first is ignored by everyone, then the second would have no sense of existence and would give disastrous results in a life project.

The intention in the scale of values ​​is not to disperse the objectives, to focus and focus on what is worthwhile to be better.

In life it happens like a banquet, we should not eat until we burst, but select using reason and evaluating what really makes us feel good or feeds our spirit. This defines what a value scale is .

In a scale of values ​​there are neutral points, means and extremes. The intention is not to go to extremes and qualify the normal events of our lives in a measure that favors us instead of against us.

Value Scale Examples

We can know many of the values ​​that govern our objective in the world, that, by applying the scale in our lives, we prioritize priorities that will give us better order and harmony so that everything has a more fluid development. Hereinafter, we will describe five examples of the scale of values . 

  • Honesty . It is one of the highest values ​​on any scale. This brings together confidence, respect, admiration, weighting and other qualities that many yearn to have and project to society. It is a human characteristic that we all have, which consists of being sincere and transparent both in our words and actions.
    • An example of this can be the president of a nation. If he exercises proven honesty and to the full, his investiture can represent the peoples with pride.  
  • temperance . It is precisely the value that must complement honesty. Before we commented that we all have honesty, but most can be affected in the process by anti-values ​​if they lack temperance.
    • Using the same example of a president, when encountering misdeeds that undermine his purpose, by not having temperance he loses all credibility.
  • respect . We tend to revere everything that instills admiration and consideration towards other people, and subvalues ​​such as generosity, altruism, effort and work emerge from this.
    • Among the examples in the scale of values ​​that are related to respect, we can mention the Paralympic athletes, who, even among the vicissitudes, have been able to emerge and achieve their goals. It is inevitable to feel respect for them, at the same time that they themselves exercise respect for themselves by seeking personal improvement.
  • Responsibility . It is an ability that we have to respond and take charge of how we look at life and its consequences. It is being co-responsible for what we have harvested and what we seek . An example, the family. A couple decides to get married and have children; This is a role of responsibility that is acquired for a lifetime.  
  • Gratitude . By being grateful, we open the doors of the universe that will conspire to make us more fulfilled. It is seen as the key to happiness, it brings benefits and transforms the brain, according to some studies. Those who practice it improve their health and increase empathy.

Importance of the value scale

The scale of values ​​can be applied to any aspect of life, all in terms of optimizing processes and guaranteeing satisfactory results . For example, in commerce, updated marketing must replace old practices in which billboards, radio and television were used to promote products and services.

The client must apply a scale of values ​​in which the percentages and their economic growth are the protagonist, prioritizing the objectives based on overall success, but always within the framework of values.

In the sentimental, a couple must use a scale of personal values ​​with a view to prevailing mutual respect, fulfilling the roles of each one. The family, by making use of a scale of valuesimproves the interpersonal relationships of each member, guaranteeing the existence of honesty, temperance, respect, responsibility and gratitude.

In the professional part, the importance of the scale of values ​​lies in establishing a well-defined strategy, strengthening and dignifying the pyramid through each act. By complying with a scale of values ​​at any stage of your life, self-love and everything around you is promoted.

How to build our scale of values?

Values ​​are a basis for each individual to discover their dreams as goals for life. The values ​​appear from the time we can remember as children, and they instill in us a correct formation to be good people. As we grow, stages are added in which we must acquire more values ​​according to our requirements.

But how is our scale of values ​​built? It is precisely in this way, evaluating what is really important to feel good about ourselves and everything that surrounds us. It is to look at the world in which we live and weigh each aspect to which we will break down the positive and the negative, the good and the bad and begin to minimize the action of what does not make us feel comfortable.

It may not be so easy if we are already adults with an established life, a family that accompanies us and a job to go to every day, but everything is in the decision making.

We can start by making a list with three columns ; In the first we will place the good, in the second the bad and in the third what we want or what would be a solution that improves the above.

We should not be hard on ourselves, the intention of this list is to build our own scale of values ​​based on what we have and what we want to be happy and feel good both alone and together.

Understanding what values ​​are and making a sincere scale, we will be able to build both our goals and a better life. With this list that we already have to build the scale of values ​​and make our own pyramid, we can face the challenges, it will make us more reflective and we will walk with greater ease in life.

Another option in addition to the list to know how to build our own scale of values ​​is to visualize how we want to see ourselves in the future . We must observe ourselves in this future as upright, respectable individuals, with an enviable integrity, once we have traveled a path impregnated with values.

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