What is Scale of Values definition/concept/elaboration

Every person has a concrete and determined scale of values, that is, a filter to interpret reality from a moral perspective . Values ​​serve to differentiate between good and evil, that is, they are norms that help us to differentiate what is correct from what is not. Values ​​are acquired during childhood through education received at home and at school. However, with the maturity process, anyone can add new values ​​through their experience and point of view. Similarly, a person can also change your mind in relation to the values because life also adds new beliefs.

As the name itself indicates, an escalation of values ​​shows a person’s hierarchy of ideas. There are values ​​that are more priority and urgent than others. When a person acts against an important personal value, he feels bad about himself because it goes against his true essence. This error is very human because people have many internal contradictions. For example, we can think of one thing and do the opposite.

One of the basic premises for having a high level of happiness is to be faithful to this scale of values. That is, be honest with yourself and consistent with your way of thinking. There are people who can go against what they think and be influenced by the power of the group. One thing that often happens in adolescence is when the group’s opinion conditions the young person .

Today’s society is marked in a certain way by ethical relativism, that is, by “anything goes”. The good can be interpreted from the point of view “that which is good for me” within the context of an individualistic society.

Values ​​are immaterial, not seen and perceived in the same way as material objects. However, they are a fundamental reality of human consciousness . Therefore, it is very important that each person is faithful to their principles. It is noteworthy that everyone has a concrete scale of values ​​even within their own family. Value scales don’t coincide like a puzzle in your relationships. However, it is really true that we feel closer to those who have an ethic similar to ours.

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