What is Illicit Association/meaning/concept

In the legal field there is a law known as the crime of unlawful association. As its name indicates, the idea of ​​illicit association means that a group of people establish a bond or association to commit an illegal act, that is, something illicit.

As a general rule, this type of offense is carried out by criminal groups

Criminal associations are usually organized through a structure , which is why organized crime is referred to . This means that a group of criminals is considered an illicit association when a series of circumstances occurs.

First, whether the group or association has a common goal. Second, when its members share a series of functions or tasks so that your organization is as efficient as possible. On the other hand, its organizational structure is governed by some type of standard or code and has a certain hierarchy to coordinate its illegal activities.

Obviously, its members have close cooperation ties and maintain economic or social ties. When all these conditions are met, it is possible to speak of a criminal organization guided by the illicit association to commit crimes.

In short, every crime related to an illicit association has three elements: the intention to be part of an association or group, a minimum number of components and, of course, a criminal purpose.

Various terms related to the concept of illicit association

When talking about illicit association, there is a wide range of associated terms, such as band, mob group, organized crime, among others. Each of them has its own way to structure itself.

The Italian Mafia, Chinese Triads and Japanese Yacuza

If we take the Italian mafia as a reference, this criminal organization has a boss or gift and a vice or substitute, the sottocapo. Below them there is a consigliere, a caporegime, a capocime, a soldier and an aspiring soldier or associati.

As its name implies, Chinese triads are organized by groups of three people

Each of these groups has connections with others through one of its members, thus, the other members do not know what the connections of each triad are. This system is especially effective in preventing police investigations .

Members of the Japanese mafia or yakuza form a private illicit association. They have a form of organization similar to that of a family , as there is a father (the oyabun-kobun) and a series of children who swear loyalty to him.

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