What is Reading between the lines means/concept

Both written and oral information can be understood and interpreted from different points of view. Thus, we could analyze each of the words used, its grammatical structure, the context of the message and the main ideas. However, often, what is said or written hides information and, consequently, the one who receives the message has to interpret what they do not say or tell. When the latter happens it means we are reading between the lines. Reading between the lines

an art of expression

When a doctor has to give a patient bad news, it is common to use certain words, as they have to tell the truth, but in a non-impacting way, as this would cause greater anguish to the patient.

In the speeches of political leaders, it is quite common for messages to be conveyed with simplified ideas or euphemisms so that citizens have a specific vision of reality .

The seller who explains the characteristics of a product to a potential buyer tries to minimize the negative aspects of the product and, logically, emphasizes its positive aspects. Reading between the lines

In the examples of the doctor, the politician, and the salesperson, there is a common denominator: some of the information that is communicated remains hidden or semi-hidden. Despite this apparent invisibility, it is possible that the recipient of the message is skilled and has the ability to read between the lines. For this reason, it can be said that reading between the lines is an art.

In the context of dictatorships

Although the dictatorial regimes have their own characteristics, all of them freedom of expression is limited significantly, similarly, imposed some kind of censorship in media communication . Logically, in this context, citizens have to sharpen their intelligence and make an effort to properly interpret the messages controlled by their country’s dictatorship . Reading between the lines

This ability to interpret is precisely the fundamental aspect of reading between the lines.

in the passion phase

When two people get to know each other in a romantic relationship, words are important, but non-verbal communication is also relevant. Through gestures, looks and attitudes we also say things in the language of love and, consequently, it is extremely useful to read between the lines when interpreting the true meaning of some signs. Reading between the lines

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